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Please welcome our first stand-in editor! Site News
For the first time since I launched the site 18 months ago, an impending trip of mine should have little to no impact on updates to macosxhints for the next week or so.

James R. ('plattapuss' here on macosxhints) will be taking over editing and site management duties starting March 4th through March 12th. James works for Amigo-3, the ISP that hosts In addition, he's a Mac OS X user (since the days of the Public Beta) and he knows and uses Geeklog, the engine that drives the site. I am confident I'm leaving the site in good hands during my absence! If you have any questions for James next week, just drop him an email. But please try to be nice :-) ... he's acting as Editor on a completely voluntary basis, and I greatly appreciate his assistance.

To help you distinguish James' "Editor's Notes" from mine, he'll be posting his asides with the prefix "sudo". It's a bit of an inside joke; pronounce "sudo Editor" and hopefully it will become obvious.

I'll be back to the editor's chair sometime on Wednesday the 13th of March. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

[PS: Watch for this month's (April) issue of MacWorld Magazine. There's some minor cover story about some little app called "Photoshop for OS X" or somesuch ... but the really important article to look for is called "Optimize Classic" by yours truly ... not sure how it didn't wind up on the cover, though! :-)]

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Macworld article
Authored by: edlake on Mar 04, '02 03:36:49PM

Nice article Rob. I saw your name after I finished it. The new layout of the magazine confused me at first.

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Sudo Editor?!
Authored by: matthewshull on Mar 04, '02 05:59:18PM

Ha, Ha, Ha!

Sudo Editor is a great inside joke!

Have fun on your trip Rob! :-)

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Sudo Editor?!
Authored by: iacas on Mar 04, '02 06:21:16PM

Do you say "sew dew" or "sue doe (dough)"? I have a friend who says "sue dew" like in "superuser (su), do this..."

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Sudo Editor?!
Authored by: z0mbi3 on Mar 05, '02 06:35:14PM

sew do
kinda like "Superuser do <command>"

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nice job rob!
Authored by: meancode on Mar 04, '02 06:52:14PM

hey rob,

the article did get front cover exposure!! awfuly nice to have the article in the BIGGEST macworld this year, seing as everyone who does not subscribe is going to buy the magazine for the photoshop 7 article (i mean that great article on optimizing classic, lol). great exposure to the hints site too :) really nice job.

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Authored by: crarko on Mar 05, '02 02:34:30PM

Welcome, James, from the forum mods!!

"plattapuss"? That wouldn't be a reference to Hexley, would it?

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Authored by: outofcontrol on Mar 05, '02 08:10:31PM

Thanks for the warm Welcome.

I have a rather large pair of shoes to fill over the next week. Feel free to give a jab if you see any horrendeous blunders ;-)

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Authored by: vDog on Mar 05, '02 11:44:05PM

Hey -rob, have a well deserved holiday, ol sudo rocks!...vDog

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Correct pronunciation of
Authored by: Oneota on Mar 06, '02 07:42:20PM

I'm afraid your inside joke doesn't quite work, as the correct pronunciation of "sudo" is "soodoo". It means "As the Switched User, DO this", the Switched User being whatever username is provided, or "root" if none is supplied, and 'this' being whatever command is given.

It's still cool, though. :)

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