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Chimera: A very fast Mozilla-based browser Web Browsers
Based on the Mozilla browser, Chimera has a Cocoa front-end with a Unix backend. It is still in it's infancy however, with even some of the most basic functionality missing, such as using text boxes.

Keep your eyes on this one, it really could be the best web browser for OS X ever.

You can see screenshots and get the current build here.

[Editor's Note: Even though this application is not really usable yet, I thought it worth mentioning. I for one will be intently watching the progress of this wonderful browser.]
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i tried it
Authored by: zephc on Mar 03, '02 03:01:50AM

yeah its pretty nice, though totally unusable at the moment (form items dont work, there are no preferences yet, and so on) But if these guys are on top of things, it shouldnt take long to get all that going... the page renderer is in place, its all downhill from there =]

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: rocteur on Mar 03, '02 08:49:31AM

Guys, anyone can build a new browser for Mac OS X, as a matter of fact, everybody's doing it!

However, nobody can make a browser that does Java, JavaScript, CSS, Shared Menus and more!

So please, don't give me yet another browser that kind of works, give me one that works correctly

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: meancode on Mar 03, '02 09:23:35AM

this is very true observation. even the latest OmniWeb builds dont do all of what is needed in a web browser (what you stated).

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: Durandal on Mar 03, '02 05:23:02PM

I just wish OmniWeb used the Gecko rendering engine. It's a shame that such a gorgeous, user-friendly browser has to be held back by a total lack of CSS and JavaScript support. Hopefully 4.1 final will be our ultimate OS X browser so that we can finally get rid of IE5.1.

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: aranor on Mar 03, '02 06:31:40PM

OmniWeb supports level 1 CSS, I believe, and a fair amount of Javascript (I'm using the sneakypeek versions). I do agree that it needs to support more CSS and JavaScript, though. What's Shared Menus?

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: ksuther on Mar 03, '02 04:44:56PM

Seems to me like not such a bad thing. Maybe this will encourage more developers to make a better browser. Chimera could very well become this.

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Everyone's doing it
Authored by: risc_abacus on Mar 04, '02 04:54:03PM

Well im not sure who "everyone" is. What browsers exist for OS X? iCab, IE, OmniWeb, Mozilla (CFM, Mach-O & Chimera), Netscape... then you have all of the X11 browsers and the "geek" browsers like lynx and links.

Now from what I listed above the only broswers I use/care about are the Mozilla broswers... I user the CFM builds daily... which has JavaScript, CSS, XML, plug-ins and yes even java (which is coming along nicely). It displays pages they way the should be... thats the first goal of any browser. Java is support on OS X had to wait on apple getting their act together.

Two last points... As for shared menus... you asked for a browser that works correctly... well guess what thats not need for a correctly working browser. Finally, Chimera is based on Mozilla, which itself is about to make it to 1.0... anything less than 1.0 is just beta/development work. How can one expect a broswers that works the way it sould with out a beta cycle (granted mozilla has a long beta cycle). Chimera is just a side project... to please users who want a pure aqua UI... and don't worry quartz support will be in mozilla soon as well... its all about priorites, what would you rather have anti-alaised fonts or correctly displayed pages first?

Sorry if this seems a tad flameish... but it seem lots of people want exactly want they want now... lighten up... 10.1 is just over 6 mos old the broswers on 10.1 are some of the best the mac platform has ever had... its only going to get better.

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I'been using it since .1.1....
Authored by: alajuela on Mar 03, '02 11:43:27PM

and I love it. A tab-based browser makes much sense. This one looks great, and it's a great demo for showing "page pops" on OS X. It's just plain fast. True, it cannot do forms, etc. But for browsing, as opposed to transacting, it's nice.

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Authored by: beef on Mar 04, '02 04:21:33AM

well, I guess nobody's really satisfied with any of the browsers out there...

and everytime a new one (or just a new version of existing one) comes out, I give it a try... and... well...

I just wish there was a way to share bookmarks between IE, Omniweb, Mozilla, etc... does anyone know a way, or have a suggestion?

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Authored by: j3f on Mar 04, '02 07:12:15AM


I had this problem too. When I first started using OSX I was constantly switching browsers. I ended up using html pages of links instead of a given browser's bookmarks system. Most OSX browsers already save their bookmarks as html files anyway and the ones that do not have an export feature.

I now use OmniWeb 4.1 (sneakypeaks) exclusively and have 3 html files from Icab, IE and Mozilla that I bounce between. OmniWeb has the ability to open any html file as a bookmark file ("View links as bookmarks" in the context menu) but I don't even do that most of the time. I rarely have more than one browser window open.

Regarding Chimera, I would have to agree with other posters that tabbed browsing would be my most preferred way of browsing. I used to use Opera 6 on Windows. Handling multiple overlapping browser windows does not work for me. But until Chimera can do everything that OmniWeb can do, I won't even consider switching. I know OmniWeb is not perfect. For instance, it can be slow in rendering pages with huge tables and doesn't have have tabbed windows support; but for me it does so many things so well, I can live with its shortcomings.

Hopefully Chimera will continue to be actively developed and help raise the bar for all OSX browsers.


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Authored by: jo5_h on Mar 04, '02 08:04:20AM

why not just use your Favorites folder? when you're on a page you wish to bookmark, drag the URL from the location bar to your desktop or a Finder window, and you'll get a new URL favorite. once this is created, file it wherever you'd like, as you don't actually have to keep it in the Favorites folder unless this is convenient for you. want to change your default browser? go ahead and change it in your internet prefs, and all URL favorites will automatically open in said browser. want to open a favorite in something other than your default browser? drag it into the respective location bar or document window. this is how i've handled managing my own bookmarks between IE and Netscape/Mozilla since OS 8.x. :]

- jo5_h

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Try Bookit
Authored by: garret on Mar 05, '02 01:58:57PM
Bookit lets you organize and and write bookmarks to several of the browsers out there.

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Wow! This IS fast!
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 05, '02 08:53:08PM

I just downloaded 0.1.3 (which says 0.1 in the about box strangely..) and it is quite fast. This is definately going to be my browser of choice for reading Slashdot from now on ;-) The GUI for form elements annoys me a bit (Windows look-alike instead of Aqua), the this is quibbling ("The Interface Nazi")<p>

I haven't look into how the Gecko engine works and what makes it so fast, but I wonder if it could be made even faster still? The back button is slow (ALL web back buttons are slow). Pages that have already been loaded should be cached in memory first, then out to disk, and render specific information should be stored along with them so that they don't have to be completely re-rendered on screen unless the user had resized the window. Again, I haven't look into how Gecko works, or any other HTML-rendering engine either, so this may be already done. But when I hit back, I want the page to appear after <b>at most</b> one and a half seconds. Chimera has it at about 4.<p>

As the article says, there is a lot of interface work to be done, especially with forms (I've just looked at this site and Slashdot). Textboxes seem to work in 0.1.3, but form-menus don't. And when you click on a text box, the insertion point doesn't appear until you type something. This may be because Gecko is rendering all the elements directly (but oddly, the scroll bars are standard Aqua ones - can anyone who's looked at the code comment?), instead of wrapping them in native GUI calls (I always thought that was annoying about Mozilla). And the word-wrapping in text-boxes doesn't seem to work quite right, cutting off ends of words sometimes. Having cursor-position focus for page/text box scroll wheel support would be nice too (now you have to click to set the focus)

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Latest update is very good!
Authored by: Glanz on Sep 20, '02 09:15:38AM

As you can see, the latest updates via Chimera Knight have solved many problems!!!!!!!! This seems banal at first glance, but I highly recommend this one!

Changes for 09/19/2002

• use a better set of flags for saving files (bug 169683)

• Adding toolbar button for "add bookmark". Fixing webpages coming to front when they finish loading and get activated. Fix crash in keychain code when importing bookmarks. Clean up CHBrowserView's _webBrowser member use and fix a potential issue with setWebBrowser:. (bug 169595, and probably a few others).

Plus there'a another that will solve the OS X.2 issue at the same time.

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