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How to integrate OS X with Active Directory Network
Although the following is officially a press release, it's not a product announcement, and it's directly related to using OS X, so I've chosen to publish it as a tip. Here's the blurb that Eric Zelenka, Apple's Product Line Manager for Server Software, just mailed out.

Apple is pleased to announce the release of a new document entitled Integrating Mac OS X with Active Directory. This document describes how you can use the information stored in Microsoft's Active Directory to authenticate Macintosh users and provide file services and home directories for them on Mac OS X Server. It is available for immediate download from the Mac OS X Server web site.

Read the rest of the article for a bit more information on OS X and directory services.

With Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, Apple has built an open, extensible directory services architecture. This architecture directs system software and applications to either Apple's NetInfo, the directory that ships with Mac OS X Server, or an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory located on the network. NetInfo is an easy-to-deploy, scalable directory service for Macintosh networks. LDAP is an open standard commonly used in mixed environments. By adding LDAP support, Apple provides customers with the ability to easily integrate Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server systems into most managed networks.

In addition, it is now possible to integrate Mac OS X comptuers into environments based on Microsoft's Active Directory. This includes maintaining Mac OS X user names and passwords in Active Directory, authenticating Mac OS X users with Active Directory and allowing users to mount their network home directory based upon information stored in Active Directory.

Today directory services are an essential part of any computing infrastructure. Directory services fill a number of critical roles including managing workgroups, workflows, employee directories, and hardware and software resources. With Mac OS X's open directory services architecture and built-in support for open standards, Mac OS X desktops and servers can now leverage directory services wherever they reside - in a Macintosh NetInfo directory, in a Microsoft Active Directory, or in an enterprise LDAP directory.

For readers not familiar with Mac OS X directory services, we recommend the Mac OS X Server Administrator's Guide and the white paper entitled Understanding and Using NetInfo.
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A Promising Tool
Authored by: Spencerian on Mar 01, '02 01:14:14PM

I keep an eye out for tools and resources that help integrate Mac OS technologies to Microsoft Windows technologies. Given that corporate IT is driven nearly exclusively by Microsoft Windows server applications, this bit of information is valuable for those whose IT officials have wanted to extend and provide authentication, share mounting, and auditing features to Mac OS systems. Under Mac OS 9, this wasn't very practical or possible, and I'm not a big fan of every MS technology that comes along--I find NetInfo to be less cumbersome that AD. However, this process may help better legitimize Mac OS workstations in corporate environments, not to mention help manage large numbers of Macs easier. I'm glad it doesn't replace Apple's technologies but simply complements it without corrupting either process.

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Authored by: eo on Mar 02, '02 03:38:20PM

Can anyone point me to info on running an LDAP server under OSX? It's nice to be able to authenticate using an existing Windows network, but we are phasing out Windows on the server side due to its enormous cost, security problems, etc. Mac OS X Server 10.1.x supports LDAP lookups, but does not include an LDAP server. Any hints?

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Authored by: judgemental on Aug 12, '02 03:24:57PM

If you have the developers tools installed on your mac, you could download openldap from and compile it. I use it on Linux and authenticate OSX clients (Jaguar 10.2) to it now.

Let me know if you need some help...

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Authored by: digitalone on Dec 21, '02 04:32:34AM

No LDAP server on OS X server? Surely you jest?? I was convinced that all OS X releases could serve LDAP out of the box, although I never really looked into it..... cant you set up the stucture in Netinfo and point clents to your IP? I could have sworn I saw netinfod bound to en0 on the prot monitor, so I thought that was the LDAP server.....
please update me...

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Integrating Mac OS X with Active Directory
Authored by: ratio on Dec 20, '02 03:46:15PM

Looking for hints to integrate Mac OSX in Active Directory. Currently Mac's are assigning explicit privileges to folders/files rather than inherent. Looked for Apple Doc Integrating Mac OS X with Active Directory on Apple and NetInfo but the LINKS are DEAD??

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How to integrate OS X with Active Directory
Authored by: wOOge on Aug 07, '03 01:44:13PM

the URL for the PDF is now:

Aug 7, 2003



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