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Fix for PPP dialup delay problem available System
Those of us who use PPP dialup connections may have noticed an annoying system freeze that lasts moments (or minutes) from the "connect" command until the modem starts dialing. There is a fix for this problem on a MacNN forum.

Of note is the first message and the URL to get a revised AppleSCCSerial.kext. I am not savvy enough to fully understand the issue here, but it's something to do with a bug in the Mach kernel memory allocation.

Anyway, I have been using the revised kernel extension for a couple of days and the improvement has been dramatic. Check it out!

[Editor's note: I believe this fix is due to be rolled out with the next system update, based on an email exchange I saw on an OS X mailing list ... but if you'd like it now, it's available. I can't vouch for its effectiveness.]
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Fix for PPP dialup delay problem available | 13 comments | Create New Account
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fdobbies iDisk vanished?
Authored by: tvkeller on Feb 28, '02 07:07:59AM

At least from my place fdobbies iDisk is not reachable.

Has anyone another link?

Greetings from Germany

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Possible option
Authored by: metafeather on Feb 28, '02 07:28:25AM
I haven't followed this but I have noticed that my machine started to hang in this way when I removed /etc/ppp/ip-up and /etc/ppp/ip-down from my system.
I had created these in response to an earlier hint about excecuting scripts when a connection is made here, but I never got round to doing anything with them (they were empty) - when I removed them I noticed the hang.

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Getting the kext
Authored by: pmccann on Feb 28, '02 09:03:32AM

Go to page three of that forum: one of the moderators is providing a copy of the required files. (Finlay's "quota" probably got used up rather soon after a story on macnn pointed a large audience towards his itools site.)


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Alternate download link
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 28, '02 09:56:59AM

I have put it together with a short README in a tarfile here:

Read the instructions and follow them. I am not responsible if you don't know your way around the terminal prompt!


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Alternate download link
Authored by: Viridian on Feb 28, '02 02:18:16PM

Greetings from beautiful Jamaica. Thanks for this download link and the clear instructions. It seems to cure the Connection delay which, besides completely locking up the Finder on my iBook, I personally found exceedingly annoying. I'm really happy about this fix; the modem in my AirPort Base Station was cremated during a violent electrical storm, and I've had to tolerate the spinning beachball for a couple months. I'll keep you posted as to whether it keeps working in a couple weeks. So far, No Problem, Mon! Thanks again.


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Thanks for the clear instructions!
Authored by: sjonke on Feb 28, '02 10:46:48PM

Followed the instructions in your readme and it seems to be working fine on my year 2000 ibook.

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Alternate download link
Authored by: Titanium Man on Mar 01, '02 12:52:24AM

Thanks for the .tgz file and readme. However, I was just curious, in my man page, there was no -R for mv, only -f and -i. What does the -R do, is it supposed to move things recursively? I just logged in as root to move the .kext around (seemed easiest that way since it was a directory).

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Alternate download link
Authored by: JKT on Mar 01, '02 06:39:12AM

-R is indeed "recursively"

FWIW, I installed the patch of few days ago and thus far have had zero hangs or pauses.

Very happy as I've suffered (very badly) from this bug since 10.0 way back in April 2001.

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Alternate download link
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 01, '02 07:20:43AM

Oops. I was trying to recreate from memory the steps. Just use cp -R. I will change the readme.

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Seems to work
Authored by: WillyT on Feb 28, '02 11:53:37AM

I had a funky shutdown hang after first installing this. The first reset (with the button) seemed to work, but my SWAP partition mounted incorrectly.

Since a later reboot I have an uptime of 2 days 16 hours and NO SIGN of the hang problem yet. YAY

I have had hangs lasting as long as 23 minutes prior to installing this.
I'll know for sure after a few weeks.

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worked for me
Authored by: Will Mackintosh on Feb 28, '02 09:01:10PM

So far, this patch has made dialing into Earthlink using PPP a dreamy exprience. Kudos to the geniuses here.


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Success it seems
Authored by: Anonymous on Mar 01, '02 07:45:59AM
I have been using this since Sunday and never once has the freeze recurred. It used to be especially bad after waking the Mac from sleep. But now it starts dialling just fine after sleep. The tarfile on my site (with corrected instructions):


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fix did not work
Authored by: neflite on Mar 02, '02 12:55:16PM

i tried this fix and followed the procedure exactly. i rebooted RIGHT after i copied over the AppleSCCSerial.kext, deleted Extensions.kext, and quit terminal. got back from reboot. logged in. connected (by clicking the phone icon, connect) and no hang. logged off a couple of hours later, logged back on, hung for about a minute. same problem. also internet connections will no longer work and Mail + other apps (like netinfo mgr) can take from 1-5mins to startup. i dont know what to do anymore... its really bugging me. im sure i did the procedure correctly since ive had some experience with UNIX and none of this was all that new to me in the procedure. i had the new file chown'd to root:wheel and copied it over, backed up the original at first. i didnt kextload or kextcache (whatever that command was) because when i rebooted it recognized the modem and everything just fine. just still having the hang! argh!! and it only took about 12 hours or so for it to happen even with this fix. am i doing something wrong?

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