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How to paste custom icons over custom icons Desktop
While this tip isn't on par with some of the fantastic tips on this great site, I nevertheless thought I'd offer it up, as I've not seen it here. [Editor's aside: All tips are equals here at! After all, there's a wide range of experience levels out there, so every hint probably has some value to someone in the audience.]

When pasting a custom icon in the OS X Finder, make sure that the given volume (or folder or file) does not already have a custom icon. If it does, you will get a blank icon, requiring you to either log out and in or re-launch the Finder.

The way around this is to first cut the custom icon, thus reverting the icon to its original default state. Now you can paste away!
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Good tip
Authored by: EphraimWoody on Feb 28, '02 09:40:22AM

Not only is there a range of skill levels out there, but there are people (like myself) who have a fairly good command of the operating system, but think of problems like this one as intractable bugs, and just gripe about Apple not letting us have the right custom icons. Thanks for the tip!

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This hint kicks ass!
Authored by: twalkabout on Mar 01, '02 12:46:47AM

I've been keeping an entire folder of "backup icons" for all the system icons -- so in case I ever wanted to go back to an old icon -- I could. I had no idea all you had to do is cut! Sweet.

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Why can't I change some Icons
Authored by: talus on Mar 01, '02 02:23:15AM

No matter what I do I cannot change some icons...for example I have a copy of "Full Screen Player" from Feelorium Ltd and no matter what I do it will not change the icon in the Applications directory?? Got any Ideas?

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Why can't I change some Icons
Authored by: cocomac on May 28, '02 03:09:00AM

Permissions, are why you can not change some iCONS!

This is what you need to easily CHANG'EM.

Applications (either one)
- XRay
-FileXaminer (was:GETINFO)
All of them are very good! Although they differ on functionality and features, all permits you to EDIT iCons (icns).
I have them all. Personally I use FileXaminer, which I consider the fastest and easiest for this task.

For iCons I suggest you to use only the ones that are MacOSX only (Won't work in 9) ones.
Find them at : ResExcellence.

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dont have to cut
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Mar 01, '02 09:55:03AM

you can also press the delete key... that way you dont copy the old icon to the clipboard, just in case you have your new icon already copied and waiting to be pasted

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Authored by: Tymxposure on Mar 19, '02 03:52:59AM


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Icons are a snap in OS X
Authored by: 128K Mac on Mar 19, '02 04:47:19AM

Only problem I've ever had was changing the default System and Core Services icon. The original refuses to be cut and nothing will paste over it.

If there's an exisitng icon, say the default system icon for Users, this presents no problems because it can first be cut, then a new one pasted. I have never had to login/logout to get the icons to "set."

Most of my icons come from Xicons because MacReporter notifies me of any new posts, takes 5 seconds to download them, and if some look work keeping I dumb them in my icon folder which I keep at the same root level as /Home's Documents, Movies, Pictures etc.

I'd been avoid fiddling with icons as have been more interested in getting acquainted to OS X since last October whenI switched full time. I notice m icon folder now contains just under 80 MB. Wile I did pick up a few at Icon Factor and afew other sites, it's easiest to just grab tem from Xicons when they pop up on MacReporter. Have visited their size only once and download abot 35MB of icons in 15 minutes. It nice to be able to pick up interesting icons without a lot of hassle.

Now if I just had that Finder Icon CSM I had in OS9. :)

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