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New graphics and features (again!) Site News
I promise this is the last major scheme change you'll see under the current Geeklog engine, but I was just not happy with the last revision.

I had some help with the design (and review) of this newest look from a couple of our graphic designers, and it passed their scrutiny (unlike the previous two versions!). It's still not perfect, but it's much nicer than any of the other efforts, in my opinion.

I need to update Headline Hints for the new look, which I'll get to in the next day or so. Until then, the link is disabled. Other minor changes have taken place in the comments, where a lighter background makes things easier to read, although it looks a bit odd in "nested" mode!

In the "Support macosxhints" box, all the big ugly graphics are now gone, and I've signed on with Kagi for subscriptions and OS X Guidebook payments. This was an often-requested option (especially by those overseas), as Amazon and PayPal are much harder to use outside the USA.

Thanks for the patience while the site went through basically three looks in a couple of weeks ... but that's all done for a while now. The next time you'll see changes will coincide with the upgrade to the new Geeklog engine, which will probably happen in mid to late March.

If you find anything broken or that displays incorrectly, please let me know about it. And if you had any doubts that is run by one guy who really doesn't know what he's doing, these last few weeks should have allayed those concerns :-).

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I like it!
Authored by: murphpo on Feb 27, '02 11:18:00PM

I definitely like the new color scheme; way easier on the eyes. Thanks for all the work!

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I like it!
Authored by: sharumpe on Feb 28, '02 12:41:12AM

Second. Much easier on the eyes.

Mr. Sharumpe

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 28, '02 01:55:13AM

i like the new look :D

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message board?
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 28, '02 02:07:08AM

i don't see a link to the message board...

btw, when is the interface over there gonna be... de-tackydied? (did i just make up a word?)

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First-row header
Authored by: robg on Feb 28, '02 02:18:45AM

Under the banner here, "Submit a hint" and then "The Forums" link is right next to it, in red to make it easier to see (apparently not easy enough :-).

I hope to update the look over there when we upgrade this site with the new Geeklog engine. If you have suggestions, please feel free to email them to me...


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Authored by: 128K Mac on Feb 28, '02 02:22:29AM

The blue scheme is awfully good on my eyes too.

Have left osx feedback at suggesting they have you redesign Aqua. ;-)

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A favor
Authored by: Chas on Feb 28, '02 05:31:25AM

I'd like to ask Rob a favor, you've got to tell us how you set up GeekLog. I looked at it and it doesn't mesh well with the standard MacOS X web directory layout. I'm not asking for any trade secrets or your tricks with the layout, I'm just asking you to contribute your improvements back to the source tree. Help us all run GeekLog on MacOS X. I'm currently playing with Radio Userland, but I don't want Dave Winer's proprietary (and Windows-centric) software, I want to use Open Source, PHP Apache and MySQL.

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Setup of GeekLog on OS X...
Authored by: robg on Feb 28, '02 09:28:13AM

I'll post a full article when I get GL 1.3.x up and running in a few weeks, but here are the basics on getting a 1.1 install going. It should hold mostly true for 1.3.x as well.

GeekLog is packaged in two directory layers. The top layer represents an area that should technically (for security reasons) live outside the directories served by your Webserver. For a standard OS X installation, you should install the top level files (english.php, config.php, and logs in GL 1.1) in '/Library/WebServer'. Since these files live above the 'root' level of Apache, they're safe from being displayed by any web browser.

The second level contains all the PHP and HTML files for the site itself. In GL 1.1, this layer is in a folder named public_html; I'm not sure how it's packaged in 1.3. These files simply go into '/Library/WebServer/Documents', and then follow the included "chmod" instructions to make everything work.

Now just edit config.php and insert your path info in the relevant spots. In GL 1.1, "base" would be '', "path" would be '/Library/WebServer/', logpath would be '/Library/WebServer/logs', etc. Also enter your mySQL path information.

That's pretty much all I've ever had to do (along with following 'chmod' instructions) to get GL running.

The downside to this structure is that it pretty much assumes GL is the only thing installed in your main webserver Documents folder. There are a number of ways around this, some more secure than others. At home, where I have about 15 different PHP apps running and my web server lives behind a firewall and Apache is blocked by the ISP, I'm fairly lazy about it -- I just created a "geeklog" folder within Documents and dropped the config.php file in there, then created a "web" folder within "geeklog" for the PHP and HTML files. Please note this is NOT a secure way to do this if your machine is publicly available! Your config.php file can technically be seen by the webserver now, and someone might be able to figure out a way to read its contents (although other PHP packages have their .config files within the server directory, so I'm not sure exactly how big a concern this is). I also add authorization so that none of my private pages are servable without a username and password, even if someone got through the firewall and ISP. But at that point, they'd probably have full control of my machine instead of web-only access, so the point is moot.

Although not as technically secure, this helps me keep the different programs separated from one another. You just need to change the paths to reflect the one additional level of directories. A better way to do this would be to set up virtual hosts to segregate the programs, but I've basically been avoiding the work involved in doing that!


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Setup of GeekLog on OS X...
Authored by: Chas on Feb 28, '02 04:28:46PM

Hey thanks Rob, that's just the sort of tip I needed, I think I can hack it from there. Time to set up the newest PHP and MySQL binaries (and important security patches) and take another crack at this.
I really like many of the features in Radio Userland, it's easy to operate and fairly flexible, but best of all is the RSS upstreaming to the blog community, so your stories get indexed and are searchable across the blogland "cloud." I'm anxious to see if GeekLog has these features.
BTW, the new layout is great, the old one didn't render well in Mozilla, it tended to render out to about 120% of the window width so I had to scroll horizontally. It was an old Mozilla problem, maybe the newest Moz builds solved it, maybe it's the new layout, but I'm happy.

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Re how to set up geeklog
Authored by: salty on Feb 28, '02 12:15:43PM
more grist to the mill.... have a look at PHPSlice. It's very good and easy to configure IMO

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Like it very much
Authored by: rocteur on Feb 28, '02 06:53:46AM

Rob, this is a GREAT look!!

I much prefer it to the old look!!


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Authored by: EphraimWoody on Feb 28, '02 09:43:17AM

This is good! I didn't see much improvement after the first change, but this is much better. With these colors, I am exploring more of the website, and finding features I never knew it had. I am even going to go Donate right now! Thanks, Rob.;

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nice on the eyes
Authored by: meancode on Feb 28, '02 08:51:06PM


i like the darker red, on the code and at the top for the "submit a hint, the forums, home" links. it goes better with this subdued color scheme. also dont mind the change from the yellow bgcolor for the td's of hints. since your text is blue and not black, the change from yellow is a good one. nice job on the redesign!

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