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Make update dock for any mailbox Apps
I noticed that wouldn't show the number of new emails in the dock icon. This was because I have filters to move incoming mail to the appropriate mailbox and doesn't show those new message items. Well, that's not entirely true... will show the number of new messages in Incoming mailboxes (denoted by an 'Incoming Drawer' icon rather than a folder icon). All 'Incoming' boxes from all accounts are 'Incoming', so they are automatically displayed in the Dock icon. But there is a way to turn ANY mailbox into an incoming mailbox that will update's Dock icon with new mail.

Read the rest of the article for the step-by-step instructions...

First, go to Preferences, and under Accounts select 'Create Account'.

Second, name the account (I name it the same as the folder or the filter that moves the mail there, but any description will do), give it an address name (your normal account name, or, if you have multiple accounts, the one you'd normally be replying to this mail from), what you want for the full name, your normal host name, the user name (which should be the same as the 'Description'), no password, and your normal SMTP information.

Third, under 'Account Options', select 'Enable this account', deselect the 'Include...' and 'Delete...' options, click on the 'Download messages...' option, and select the mailbox you want to turn into an Inbox.

The reason for making the account name the same as the description (or not your normal email account name) is because only allows one occurance of an account name over all the accounts. The reasons this is fine are because it would be redundant to have the same account checked, we uncheck 'Include this account when checking for new mail', and the SMTP information can be entered seperately if needed. This is just my quick way to still have the account without messing anything up.

Now, when you look at that mailbox, it should no longer be a folder icon, but an INBOX icon! Any new mail is now updated in the dock. You can even test this out by going into that mailbox, and changing the status of a message to 'Unread' (right click and select 'Mark as unread'). Cool, eh?
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Make update dock for any mailbox | 7 comments | Create New Account
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whoa... you're insane... :-)
Authored by: etwoy on Feb 27, '02 12:03:18AM

This was bugging me a little, but not this much!

With about forty mailboxes, I'm not going to make accounts for all of them...

(hang on maybe I should go look at applescript.. hmmm.. back in a sec)

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Oh this is useful!!!!!!!
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 27, '02 08:42:02PM

This is just so great. I have about 5 filters that forward mailing list digests into their own mailboxes, but it was driving me insane that they weren't counted with the total unread. Now I know *truly* how many messages I have to read! =D Thanks * 10^6!

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How do you make this work for the newer version of
Authored by: xyster2112 on Feb 03, '03 12:39:21PM

does anyone know how to implement this "feature" in version 1.2.3 (came with jaguar 10.2.3)

Thanks in advance.

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How do you make this work for the newer version of
Authored by: Amaltheia on Feb 04, '03 07:10:04PM

Apparently you're not allowed to point to an existing folder as inbox for a new account anymore. What I did was:
-Make an account like described in the original hint, but don't try to assign the inbox to an existing folder, just let make a new inbox (it wil place it under the general inbox named 'In').
-In preferences edit your rule to point to the newly created inbox instead of the old folder.

Different aproach, same result :)

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Authored by: jiclark on Feb 05, '03 02:02:44AM

I just tried this, and totally screwed my email!!! It's probably because I thought I could move the older emails into these "new" Inboxes, but now I'm totally screwed. The mail is all mixed up, the Rules don't work (they don't even stick to what you set them to filter to), and a lot of my mail is unreadable (ie: gone!) because it says something like "the message 'blah blah' has not been downloaded from the server; you must put this account online to download this message". Well, that message has been off of the server for months, if not years, so I'm afraid I'm out of luck. Fortunately, I have a backup of my Library folder from this weekend, but before I went about trying to recover from this disaster, I thought I'd try and warn anyone else from trying the same thing!!!

It's a nice idea, but it just doesn't work!

Good luck,

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Make update dock for any mailbox
Authored by: adamprall on Sep 11, '03 05:29:33PM

Under 10.2.6, with its corresponding version of, I was able to successfully apply the revised version of the hint to my setup without problems.

If you want to do it, follow the second suggestion below where you set up another account and then set your incoming filter to point to that new account's inbox.

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Make update dock for any mailbox
Authored by: ryanlowe on Feb 01, '04 11:56:09AM
This has been implemented by a third party tool:

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