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DiskCopy burns Toast image files Apps
Just to let everyone know, Disk Copy burns Toast image files. I'd assume it mounts them as well, although I can't currently test that.

[Editor's note: I thought I recalled reading somewhere that, with the OS X version of Toast, Roxio had dropped their proprietary format. Does anyone have any solid information on this?]
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Authored by: Riba on Feb 26, '02 07:27:37AM

Toast images have been nothing more than pure ISO images for a long time now, maybe even from the very beginning. As a consequence, you can even burn 'toast images' on a PC with any software that burns from raw ISO images.

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What about ShrinkWrap images?
Authored by: hifi on Feb 26, '02 10:07:06AM

Those damn pesky Shrink Wrap images, i am forced to boot into 9, to mount my ShrinkWrap images. Are there any programs available for X that will properly mount them. I have tried using DiscCopy but when it reads the image it treats the image like a empty disk.

You can convert them in ShrinkWrap to regular DiscCopy images, but that would require that I remain in os 9 longer then I would like.

Any suggestions?

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What about ShrinkWrap images?
Authored by: 128K Mac on Feb 26, '02 11:46:47AM

Gripe to Aladdin like I did. I asked that if they weren't going to upgrade SW 3.51 to X why couldn't they provide an OS X conversion utility or open source their (apparently) proprietary format so that someone could.

They'll "think about it" was the answer. I think what's going on is procrastination as to whether or not it's worth the cost and has the market to upgrade it (doubtful).

Am skeptical there is a conversion utility, but would also be most interested if there is. It looks to me like people who were left hanging with the abandoned format could be supported in some fashion (and I don't mean via a component in Stuffit Deluxe, although I have that). For them to advise a user can always boot into OS 9 isn't exactly handy, especially if OS 9 isn't installed. ;)

(PS I have read at least some post somewhere that said Stuffit Deluxe 6.5/6.51 could "open" shrink wrapped files. If there's a trick to doing that I'd like to know what it is. Had no reply to a follow-up post.)

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What about ShrinkWrap images?
Authored by: Durandal on Feb 26, '02 12:35:02PM

Doesn't StuffIt Expander mount ShrinkWrap images?

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More about ShrinkWrap...
Authored by: hifi on Feb 27, '02 09:49:18AM

Nope, Stuffit Expander will ONLY mount Apple Disc Copy Images, it says in the preferences for Stuffit Expander.

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Stuffit Deluxe will mount shrinkwrap images
Authored by: paulskinner on Feb 27, '02 02:52:28PM

I use the contextual menu for Stuffit Deluxe to "Unstuff" the shrinkwrap images. It promptly mounts them.

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