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Make utility Terminal windows less intrusive UNIX
This falls into a "nitpicky" category. As someone who enjoys the extreme customization ability of X11's (e.g. XFree86) ATerm program, but hates the holdbacks that go along with using X11, I am always looking for ways to make Terminal behave more like ATerm.

One of the things I like to do is to see a couple of my log files all of the time. With ATerm, I can make a 100x8 character window, remove the scroolbars, titlebar, and resize handles, turn it 60% transparent, and put it in a corner. Good stuff.

In Terminal, you can't get quite that handy, but you can get close. Read the rest of the article for some settings to make "utility" terminal windows less intrusive...

Add the following elements to a saved terminal window (*.term):
This will give you a 100x8, 50% transparent window with no scrollbar in the bottom left corner of your screen. This may not be where you like, but you can change the position by changing WinLocX and WinLocY. The scrollbar is clutter for this purpose, and you can still scroll up or down with the pageup/dn keys.

WinLocULY is the odd bit here - it basically sets an offset on the Y axis (vertical) that is the height of the window. 130 is the height of 8 rows plus titlebar with Monaco 9pt. YMMV.

Geek away. And if you figure out a way to get rid of the titlebar, too, let me know!
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Desktop Console
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 24, '02 09:00:22PM
i just use Desktop Console, it is a 100% transparent window with 100% opaque text that is always the back most window. i have it showing my system log, my web log, and my web errors log on my server, and on my TiBook, i have it showing my system log :D the one thing that i find anoying is that it sometimes crashes on quit.

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Desktop Console
Authored by: dschep on Mar 03, '02 08:35:49PM

Mine always crashes on Quit

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Oh yeah...
Authored by: sharumpe on Feb 25, '02 06:53:43PM
I had a question as to what I was using to view the log file. The command is:
tail -f /path/to/logfile
The '-f' option makes tail 'follow' the file - it will show new lines as they are added to the file. Very handy for keeping track of things like logfiles. Mr. Sharumpe

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Default Window
Authored by: moonbeast on Feb 27, '02 04:56:33AM

How do I change the default window settings to be semi-transparent? For my saved window I made it blue then transparent to get the aqua look, but I would like the same for my default window. I looked in the prefs and it said something about /bin/tsch or something but that wasnt a terminal file so Im can i change the default?


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Default Window-making
Authored by: jcd on Feb 28, '02 10:30:30PM

When you save your terminal window check the "Open this file when terminal starts up" checkbox. Not exactly the default window, but very similar.

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default file
Authored by: jcd on Mar 01, '02 11:09:43PM

OK, so I jumped the gun. In your user folder, under "Library/Preferences" the file is what is called whenever a new window is opened (with the exception of startup - that can be specified in the preferences under "startup")

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Make utility Terminal windows less intrusive
Authored by: jrc on Jan 28, '04 02:08:51PM
And if you figure out a way to get rid of the titlebar, too, let me know!

...and PLEASE post it here! This is driving me crazy! I neeeeed to get rid of the titlebar.

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