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Recovering a badly crashed system System
So I'm upgrading our server (running MacOSX client) to 10.1.3, when all of a sudden it crashes in the middle of the upgrade. I log into the server from another machine, and kill the window server, which brings the server back to the login screen.

On the server, I login, and lo and behold, the system version and all that thinks it's 10.1.3. When I run Software Update again it encounters an 'error' and crashes again.

So I restart, thinking something will right itself. Everything is hunky dory until I notice that the cursor won't move. At this point the keyboard works fine, I can login, use the [limited] built-in keyboard navigation, etc ... the Pro Mouse is lit, but the cursor won't move.

After stressing a bit, running Norton, etc., I end up tethering the server in FireWire mode to my desktop machine. On the desktop, I use Pacifist to examine the contents of the 10.1.3 receipt file to see what components might have been changed. Using this list, I copy those resources over from the Desktop machine to the server, cross my fingers, and reboot the server.

Lo and behold, it works. Just goes to show that a little bit of MacOS 9 trickery will still get you somewhere in this brave new world.

[Editor's note: Although not exactly a hint, this story could prove useful as a guideline to some things to try in the event of system problems. Note that this is probably not the recommended way to recover from such a situation; a format and reinstall would be technically best, but that's not always feasible.]
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Same Prob - didn't work...
Authored by: artboy on Feb 25, '02 02:26:00PM

I actually had EXACTLY the same problem as mentioned. Mouse froze... everything. However, I wasn't able to recover. I coped the files from an iBook and it didn't work. I only get a grey screen at boot now. I guess I'll have to reinstall from scratch this evening.

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Same Prob - didn't work...
Authored by: dubmaster on Feb 25, '02 03:09:22PM

Same problem here.
My TiBook run so hot during the update, it just froze, and nothing could get it back to work. I reset the Ti, and did a couple of fsck's from the single user mode, after I did a norton from os 9, and I never have seen so many errors in my life, I only fixed the bad master blocks, rebooted into single user mode, did again a couple of fsck. Next I downloaded the 10.1.3 update diskimage from kbase (I crashed during the update in Software Ctrl Pane)
10.1.3 apparently permits to install the update again.
Reinstalled the update and lo and behold, everything worked fine ever after.

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Use the install CD
Authored by: pedacter on Feb 25, '02 07:32:50PM

I had this problem occur with my 10.1.2 upgrade. The solution however is rather easy. If you boot off -any- full system install disk 10.0 or 10.1 the installer will down-grade the system to a working base install. But you don't lose system settings amazingly. Then it's just a matter of sitting through all the &*$(##)@ updates. (Why can't they do jump updates? Why with to get to 10.1.3 should I have to install the IE update? can't they bundle all the changes???) But in any case, it's gentler on the system than a full reinstall.

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