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Escape to approve extension name changes Desktop
Are you annoyed each time you change a file extension (like from .avi to .mpg) when you have to click on "add" to approve the new extension?

Simply hit escape, which normaly defaults to "cancel", but in our case corresponds to "add", and voila! I guess this hint works for all kinds of dialogs setup like ok-cancel templates.

[Editor's note: I"m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but it definitely works as described and saves a trip to the mouse. I could not, however, get it to work in other Finder dialogs.]
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Never seen this
Authored by: aranor on Feb 22, '02 04:10:54PM

I've never had any sort of dialog pop up when I change a file extension. Are other people seeing this lack of a validation dialog?

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Never seen this
Authored by: wal9000 on Feb 23, '02 06:30:42AM

I used to see this dialog, but now it seems I can no longer make it appear! I have just upgraded to 10.1.3, however... perhaps this is a new change? Also, it doesn't make a difference whether or not "Always show file extensions" is checked in Finder preferences.

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kinda strange
Authored by: mccabem on Feb 23, '02 12:33:11PM

I've been on the OS X bandwagon since the 1st month of the public beta and I don't recall ever seeing this either.

I wonder if it's not referring to the Finder, but some other application?

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kinda strange
Authored by: mccabem on Oct 15, '03 12:46:39AM

Er...yes, I do.

Must have never tried to change from one known extension to another. Surprising.

That's the only time that dialog is triggered...moving to a *known* extension.

Change a file from *.txt to *.txtttt and you get no dialog.

I wish I could turn off this check. Hidden preference anyone?


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it does work, but...
Authored by: elroy_99 on Feb 24, '02 05:44:51AM

now i'm puzzled that some users don't get any 'add' confirmation dialog at all; personally I find it rather annoying that the finder asks me if i'm sure I want to add/change the extension, so if there's a way to turn that off altogether i wish I could find it....

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not in finder!
Authored by: neil_edwards on Feb 25, '02 04:38:18AM

note: this dialog only occurs if changing extension via the info box not in the finder

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Authored by: Moofassa on Jul 13, '02 02:48:21PM

the dialog happens anytime you switch an important extension like in my example of changing a .dmg to .img

file in finder

changing in finder

error in finder

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Panther Compatibility
Authored by: jakacmar on Dec 03, '03 07:25:46PM

Most who used this hint in Jaguar probably realised that it no longer works as expected in Panther.

Don't worry, it's not gone, just changed.

In Panther, type Command-Escape to accept a changed extension. Hope this helps some people out.

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Panther Compatibility
Authored by: talonwood on Dec 01, '04 08:03:56PM

Wow thanks! I was starting to think that Apple had just removed this functionality when I read your comment!

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