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Watching DVDs on TV in 10.1.3 Apps
I saw this mentioned at <a href="" target=_blank></a> today, but I wanted to report more extensively.

Watching a DVD on my TV using 10.1.3 is now as simple as it could be on my Rev. A PowerBook G4 (400).

Whereas before I had to boot the PB in "clamshell" mode with the TV connected in order to see the DVD, now I merely need to plug in the connection (I'm using the S-Video port) and start the DVD application. No reboot or sleep required!

The trick is the new "Detect Displays" button in the Displays preferences pane. After connecting the TV, click on that button and the desktop will be mirrored to the TV. Even cooler (though I'm not sure of the danger factor) is the fact that disconnecting the TV with PB on and then clicking the "Detect..." button reverts everything back to normal. Again, no reboot or sleep required.

Since I have the Rev. A model, I cannot mirror the DVD on both the TV and the computer screen. And, with the TV connected the DVD is automatically shown on the TV. Moreover, I can't see the DVD (ie, there's sound but no picture) if I'm in the OS X equivalent of extended desktop mode.

All in all though, the simplicity of watching a DVD on my TV couldn't be Very exciting.
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detect displays button
Authored by: samkusnetz on Feb 21, '02 10:44:26AM

the detect displays button was there in 10.1.2 as well, though now it always works <lol>. clicking detect displays when there is no external display does safely restore your one-monitor setup, and is especially useful for getting back windows that are stuck on the ghost screen...

sk (tiBook 667/DVD)

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detect displays button
Authored by: brycesutherland on Feb 21, '02 09:38:09PM

Now that you mention it, I do remember the detect displays button from earlier versions. I guess I was so excited that I no longer needed to reboot or sleep, and that I actually got to use the darn thing, that I forgot about it being there all along. hehe


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It wasn't in my 10.1.2
Authored by: acdha on Feb 22, '02 06:44:03PM

I have a TiBook 400 (like the author mentioned). Detect Displays only showed up after upgrading from 10.1.2 to 10.1.3. Since I regularly used secondary displays, this was a bit of a nuisance.

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Watching DVDs
Authored by: czucker on Feb 21, '02 11:14:23AM

Is there any simple way to do this on a G4 desktop system without buying a new video card? I've been trying to figure it out and in the end it seems that it would be cheaper to buy a DVD player.

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Well, yeah, owning a standalone DVD player has its advantages...
Authored by: JustyTylor on Feb 21, '02 12:11:06PM

Like Dolby Digital or DTS audio output via optical or S/PDIF connections. At any rate, getting this to work on my Powerbook G4 667 remains quirky, but at least there's a way to get it to work.

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Does the trick in a pinch!
Authored by: clmensch on Feb 21, '02 11:39:31PM

Yeah, I've been doing this on my tibook 550 since 10.1.2. My fiance has no dvd player, so when we wanna watch a movie at her place, I hook the composite cable to her tv, and plug the headphone out into one of those casette adapter thingies (her mini-stereo has no audio in). It looks and sounds surprisingly good...anything's better than those crappy built-in speakers on her Sony TV.

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finally! pismo 400 mirrors dvd
Authored by: FiremanAndy on Feb 22, '02 02:16:35AM

My pismo 400 finally will play DVDs again while hooked up to a tv through the s-video port. this hasn't worked since OS 9 I always got the 'unsupported configuration' when the TV was hooked up or if I tricked it by pluggin in during sleep after the DVD player was started, it would give me sound but no picture.

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