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Prevent AFP volumes from auto-disconnecting Network
I figured out how to keep AFP Volumes mounted always!!! It's actually quite simple.

Here's how to make the change:

Just go to your NetInfo Manager and click the lock button to unlock to make changes. Then under "Directory Browser" click on "config" in the second column, then click on "AppleFileServer". Below you will find a "Property" and "Value(s)" columns. Go to the "idle_disconnect_flag" property and you will see that it has a value like this:

GuestUsrDisconnect_ON ,RegtdUsrDisconnect_ON ,AdminUsrDisconnect_ON ,OpenFileDisconnect_ON

Notice how each flag has an "ON" at the end of it. You can change this to either "ON" or "OFF". I made mine so that if you are an admin on the machine your trying to mount, that it would keep the volume mounted ALWAYS by changing this value: "AdminUsrDisconnect_ON" to this "AdminUsrDisconnect_OFF". My iMac now has kept my G4's hard disk mounted for over 5 hours without disconnecting and life is wonderful.

IMPORTANT! First, for this work properly you must make this change on the Mac that you are trying to mount, not the client. Second, you must save your changes in NetInfo Manager and Restart/Log Off your computer.
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OS 9 AppleShare volumes
Authored by: ExecutiveEditor on Feb 21, '02 11:19:48AM

Does anyone know how to prevent OS 9 AppleShare volumes from automatically disconnecting?

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Authored by: mhorn on Feb 21, '02 07:18:27PM
SharePoints will also help you to set this up without going into the NetInfo Manager. It is available in the AppleFileServer Properties tab. You can download SharePoints at

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Forgot to mention!
Authored by: pwharff on Feb 21, '02 08:12:01PM

I forgot to mention that in conjunction with this hint, I use a free program to automatically mount the drives at startup. AFP Automount does a good job of this and can be found at:

Now with the combination of this hint and the above mentioned program, it seems that the drives I mount are actually mounted directly to my iMac!!!

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Mac Os X Server
Authored by: goto11 on Feb 25, '02 03:53:07PM
Mac OS X Server has the idle disconnect setting in the Server Admin module, but I wanted to see how it worked beneath the shiny GUI, so I used pwharff's tip about where to look at the settings in NetInfo Manager and see how they changed.

What I discovered will also help Mac OS X users who do not have the server version.

Under Server Admin, you would click on the File & Print tab, then click on Apple, Configure Apple File Service.... From there you will get another dialog box. Click on the Idle Users tab. You will see the following:
[ ] Disconnect idle users after [10] minutes

Except: [ ] Guests

        [ ] Registered Users

        [ ] Administrators

        [ ] Idle users who have open files

These correspond to "GuestUsrDisconnect_ON, RegtdUsrDisconnect_ON, AdminUsrDisconnect_ON, OpenFileDisconnect_ON" in NetInfo Manager. One strange thing was that, even though "[ ] Disconnect idle users..." was not checked, these flags showed up in NetInfo Manager as "ON." (Does this explain why users on my network are still getting disconnected occasionally?)

My solution was to check "[x] Disconnect idle users...", which allowed me to then then check all of the following exceptions:
Except: [x] Guests

        [x] Registered Users

        [x] Administrators

        [x] Idle users who have open files

I then clicked save and looked at the NetInfo Manager. Instead of changing the flags to "GuestUsrDisconnect_OFF," etc., it instead simply deleted those entries from the "idle_disconnect_flag" property (in other words, there was no value at all). Lastly, I unchecked "[ ] Disconnect idle users...", clicked the Save button in Server Admin and looked at NetInfo Manager. There was no change to these values, but I discovered something else...

I discovered that a property beneath "idle_disconnect_flag" called "idle_disconnect_OnOff" changes when "[ ] Disconnect idle users after [10] minutes" is checked or unchecked. A value of zero, "0", for "idle_disconnect_flag" will (I presume) prevent idle users from being disconnected, while a value of one, "1", activates idle disconnects (with the exceptions listed under the "idle_disconnect_flag" property values). The time until disconnection (here shown as "... [10] minutes" - the default) is controlled by the "idle_disconnect_time" property. Change its value to the number of minutes the server should wait before disconnecting idle users. These properties exist in Mac OS X Server and Consumer versions alike.

I hope that all of this info is helpful to everyone.

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Mac Os X Server
Authored by: kegupta on Mar 17, '05 06:07:22AM

Can we disconnect a idle user on MAC OS X machine. I don't have MAC OS X server. Is it possible to provide idle time.

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