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Book review: Mac OS X Unleashed Reviews
Read the OS X Guidebook2" by robg ;-) (linked in the box on the right of the screen). If that's not enough, then buy Mac OS X Unleashed.

I've been working on UNIX systems of different flavour for over 12 years in my daily work. I set up dozens of UNIX systems as webservers, bastion hosts, firewalls and gateways. I used Macintoshes since the mid 90-ies for professional and "home" work. I thought I knew my way around Mac OS X, been using it as my primary platform since 10.0.4 came along. Killed all my Linuxes, using my Mac for everything now.

BUT I did learn a lot, repeat A LOT! All the stuff that's not really in other UNIX systems such as HFS+, the way OS X does startup stuff, NetInfo etc. is explained at depth. But I guess you won't need to be "born" on UNIX to get a lot from that book.

The only negative point: it's about as heavy as my IceBook ;-)

-- skyko

[Editor's note: I have not read this book yet; I'm still working my way through David Pogue's also excellent Mac OS X - The Missing Manual. But Unleased is on my "I'd like to read!" list.]
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Simpy the best book on X, period!
Authored by: barbauch on Feb 21, '02 10:02:50AM

This is realy true. If you looking for a great and in-depth book on X and all its unix underpinnings then Unleashed is for you! Everything gets covered, i bought it on christmas-season and still reading and finding new stuff, alot to learn! If the also fantastic guide offered here at macosxhints isn't enough for you, then you are ready for Unleashed. Buy it!


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a must
Authored by: drjones on Feb 21, '02 10:11:09AM

Rob, to be fair, this book isn't just a good one. It may be the only thing *you* need for some time to get into all the unixy stuff, both things we hunger to set up and stuff we didn't know we are hungry for. Out of 1424 pages of text up to the TOC, "Intro to BSD subsystem" starts on page 480. That's 980, yes 980 pages on the unixy stuff(!) Of course much of it is travelled ground if you're used to BSD and X, but his treatment is quite comprehensive and MAC OSX all the way. If you think this end of things is the good stuff, you need to just go get John Ray's book.

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a must
Authored by: Chuck on Feb 21, '02 10:39:07AM

I have to agree. I've read through much of this book, and consider another good title for it "Unix For Mac Users". Much of the material covered in it is in other books or on this site, but it does a great job of coming to Unix from the perspective of someone who's familiar with Macs.


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not available?
Authored by: 128K Mac on Feb 21, '02 02:35:41PM

Amazon lists as "unavailable." Didn't check Fatbrain or Bookpool.

First printing was last Nov. Anyone know if this is getting ready for a second printing with included 10.1x updates (if relevant)?

Publisher at{0E10BF5F-F014-4715-8569-328D968D2EC6} lists at $5.00 off Amazon price, free shipping. (Sorry. Can't get html tag to work properly.)

Looks like a deal to me.

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not available?
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Feb 21, '02 10:16:27PM
On the strength of this review, I looked everywhere I could think of for this book--but it's "out of stock" or "none available for 2 weeks" in every place I checked, including eBay, Powell's, and the publisher themselves.

Does anyone know if this book was too expensive (size) and too dry for most Mac users, and so is going out of print? Or is it rather gearing up for a second edition, hopefully with x.1 info added?

Naturally I would hope the latter--it seems like too big a comittment for a publisher to edit etc. a 1500 page book, only to let it go out of print after 4 months (and the info isn't yet obsolete). But "avail in two weeks" on books often means "our web scripts haven't been told that the book is OOP".

does anyone have any good info?

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It *is* available
Authored by: bab on Feb 21, '02 11:37:55PM

I just bought it from for $34.44 + 3.38 shipping =$37.92 has it for a little more. is a great way to price-compare books.

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Great Book
Authored by: hoytt on Feb 22, '02 08:29:52AM

I bought the book in December at my local bookstore in Arnhem, The Netherlands for €71.38 which is pretty steep, but unfortunately most Mac books are expensive in Europe. I enjoy reading it and it's just filled with info on all the things you'd want info on. Setting up a mailserver, Apache mods, and a lot more.
Absolutely worth buying for a Mac geek, or advanced user.

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