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Working with words during Finder renames Desktop
I just noticed this ... If you rename a file in the Finder, you can delete words in the name all at once. Meaning you can delete one complete word at a time.

Make a new folder "New Folder" then enter re-naming mode. The cursor is now at the end of the folder name. Now press and hold "alt" when erasing (what would have been) a letter in the name.
The Finder automagically deletes one word at a time.

It even works in reverse. Try going to the start of the filename and doing the same thing agin... presto! deleting one word forwards.

Pretty neat; I can't remember ever reading this before, so tell me if it's old news.

[Editor's note: You can also use the arrow keys to move a word at a time with alt, or select a word at a time with shift-alt. I haven't seen this trick anywhere else, either!]
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This is built into TextEdit and MLTE in OS X
Authored by: sabi on Feb 19, '02 05:28:15AM

This is one of the genuine improvements in Mac OS X. In older Mac OS
versions, you needed something like Alessandro Levi Montalcini's
Better Edit Keys to enable shift+selection, etc. But now it's
built-in everywhere.

There are two really annoying bugs with Finder renaming I've noticed.

The first one is that when you're moving by holding down an arrow key,
the insertion point disappears. This means you have to guess where
you are in the filename.

The other is that renaming gets 'cancelled', seemingly arbitrarily,
and usually only in list view - you're typing, and the name switches
back to being uneditable.

And this doesn't even consider all the cosmetic glitches that exist in
name drawing, the delay after you press return before the editing box
comes up, the way you can't rename app packages after you copy them
because the Finder thinks they're busy, and much more... Quality, ha!

This stuff contributes to me using one of the 'Finder' replacements'
(SNAX, Coela) most of the time. Amazing that one programmer can do
what Apple failed to - produce reasonably bug-free software for a task
as basic as file management.

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Authored by: sssss on Feb 19, '02 08:57:06PM

what the hell is an "Alt" key?

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Authored by: elroy_99 on Feb 20, '02 12:01:49AM

it's the key more commonly known as the option key, which also says 'alt' above it, since that's the PC equivalent. amazing!

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Other apps
Authored by: benthinkin on Feb 20, '02 09:58:41AM

I've noticed you can use this trick in other programs -- to an extent. BBEdit, TextEdit, Internet Explorer and the AppleScript Script Editor all let you option-delete entire words. Anyone try any other programs?

However, this only works as a "backspace," not as a forward delete. In other words, the only application that lets you opt-delete words from the beginning of a line is the OS X Finder. Still, it's a handy trick to opt-delete for fast edits. Too bad it doesn't work in bash or tcsh!

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