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Speeding up Photoshop in Classic Classic
I have noticed that when zoomed into an image in Photoshop, grabbing it with the hand (spacebar) results in varying response from the program. Sometimes the image moves smoothly within the window, re-rendering the newly exposed portions quickly. Other times, movement is jerky and re-rendering is much slower. I discovered today that when I expanded the window, response was slower.

Then it dawned on me. Expanding the window placed a portion of it under the Dock and this is what slowed Photoshop down. So I did some tests and sure enough, as long as the active Photoshop window was not obscured by the Dock, everything worked quickly and smoothly.

I haven't tested this with other Classic programs but it seems reasonable that you should get better performance from all Classic apps if you keep the bottom edge of Classic windows some distance from the Dock.
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Authored by: teomalchio on Feb 19, '02 05:44:17AM

Tha same happens when an app 'bounce' from dock even if it's hidden.

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 19, '02 07:23:55AM

it's the Mac OS X transparaency, when ever there is ANY quartz drawing on top of classic, things slow to a crawl. now if classihack worked under Mac OS X 10.1, this wouldn't be a problem, as it didn't manifest it self when classihack was runnnign in the olden days :D

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re: trasnparency
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Feb 19, '02 07:27:42AM

btw, i have ASM set up to autohide the dock when photoshop is in the front. it is a life saver :D

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