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Edit iTools sites from the command line UNIX
For those of us who prefer to edit (or at least fine-tune) a webpage in a good old-fashioned text editor, iTools has made it pretty easy. If you have .html files in your Sites folder on iTools, you can simply open a terminal window and edit those files. They are located in
where iToolsName is replaced with your iTools username.

Use vi or emacs or pico to edit whatever files you choose and save. The changes are instantaneous because you are editing the source right out. You can even create new files this way.
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use rsync
Authored by: rebug on Feb 18, '02 09:34:46PM

I don't think it's wise to keep your only copies of your edits on someone else's server. Read the man page on rsync for a more reasonable way to apply edits to your iTools site.

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It's even better than that
Authored by: babbage on Feb 19, '02 11:54:03AM
Actually, it isn't just that you can get to your iTools disc from the Terminal: in fact the remote directory is mounted on your local filesystem in your /Volumes/ folder. Yes, this means that you can edit it with pico or vi or whatever, but it also means that you can edit it with *any* application you have available, because as far as the system is concerned, it's just another point on the locally accessible filesystem.

If you want to use, say, BBEdit, then try "open -a /Applications/ /Volumes/yourname/Sites/index.html" and, if BBEdit is kept at /Applications/, then your iTools home page will open up in everyone's favorite Mac editor, and any saves you make will be *automatically applied to the remote directory*. Very cool.

Want to back your iTools site up to your desktop? No problem: "tar -zcvf ~/Desktop/iTools_site.tgz /Volumes/yourname/Sites".

Want to upload files from, say, your PC to your iTools site? FTP to your Mac, change to the /Volumes/yourname/Sites directory (which you will need to have mounted already), and then begin the transfer. No need to move files to the Mac first, since it can just act as a bridge to the remote storage.

This is network transparency, where it doesn't matter if a resource is installed locally or accessible remotely, because the system just Figures It Out. This is a very powerful feature, and makes a lot of things easy that would otherwise be tedious, difficult, or even impossible. Using this functionality is a very, very good habit... :)

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Authored by: matx777 on Feb 20, '02 03:36:22AM

babbage says use "BBEdit"

I agree

but no need to use

open -a /Applications/ /Volumes/yourname/Sites/index.html

install the unix tools that come with BBEdit 6.5 in Extras folder

mount the "BBEdit Unix Tools Installer.dmg" and install!

then use "bbedit" on the command line to open files in BBEdit!!

very cool


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