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QT Streaming Server on OS X Client Install
QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS) can be installed without any problem even on MacOS X client. I know that this could be a stupid hint, but in every ReadMe about QTSS MacOS X Server 10.1 is required.

Checking the QTSS FAQ, I found that it's fully compatible with MacOS X Client, even if this configuration is not supported by Apple. The only disclaimer is that AppleCare does not support QTSS on OS X Client.
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streaming uses port 80
Authored by: jimmy on Feb 15, '02 12:54:24PM

Yes, I got streaming to work, now how do I deinstall to free up port 80?

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streaming uses port 80
Authored by: thefinite on Feb 15, '02 02:19:31PM

Two things:

1-I think you can tell it to use, or not to use, port 80 in the admin web pages that you use to administer it. Find it at by clicking on Port Settings on the left.

2-Try stopping the streaming server and see if that works. I have it installed now and stopped and I get my normal web page at port 80. The button for this is on the top left of the admin web pages.

Hope that this helps.

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streaming uses port 80
Authored by: indi on Jul 15, '02 01:21:15PM

As thefinite sais.. you can turn stop QTSS from using port 80 in the admin area -


OR you can turn QTSS off all together from there.

If you want to run QTSS with port 80 tunelling and keep Apache acessible then you can change Apache to use another port other than 80 eg. 8080. You can do this by editing the Port setting in the httpd.conf file. You will find this file in /etc/httpd/. If you do this you will need to hit your web server as follows -


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streaming uses port 80
Authored by: tsaar on Jul 06, '03 05:19:46AM

Okay, I could do that.

But what I'd really like to do is to have Apache use 80 and have the streaming server use 8080. Can one somehow tweak Streaming server to use another port than 80?

THX, Maarten

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Authored by: bhines on Feb 15, '02 05:40:33PM

It is "Mac OS X" vs "Mac OS X Server".

There is no product called "OS X Client".

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Authored by: elroy_99 on Feb 15, '02 08:59:53PM

aren't we glad you're here to correct our grevious errors! Thanks for clearing that up. Now go find something productive to do, troll.

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Be kind to each other...
Authored by: robg on Feb 15, '02 09:09:51PM

No need for nasty words here; bhines is correct, there's no such thing as OS X Client. In the case of the article, however, it helped to distinguish it from Server, so I left it in.


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Authored by: bhines on Feb 15, '02 10:37:17PM

You might want to look up the definition of "Troll". It is more closely related to your post than mine. :)

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Authored by: monkeyangst on Feb 16, '02 01:22:59PM

Well, no, there's no product named "Mac OS X Client." But everyone knows what it means, and it makes sense to use that phrase to distinguish it from Mac OS X Server. At Apple, the people who support Mac OS X Server use that distinction all the time.

BTW, since 1999, there is been no product called "Macintosh" either. Yet you would not be wrong in calling a Power Mac G4 or an iBook a Macintosh, would you?

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Forget port 80, there is 554 and 7070
Authored by: johnblommers on Feb 17, '02 11:57:27PM
Personal preference is not to use port 80 for streaming. The QTSS, which runs under Mac OS 10.1.2 just fine, also serves up streams on ports 554 and 7070. In iTunes, just open a stream thus Advanced->Open Stream and enter:


If you don't type in the :554 then the default port 80 is attempted, which of course will fail if port 80 is not used by QTSS and there is a local web server running. This example assumes you're sitting on the QTSS server (localhost resolves to the local system, also to

QTSS 4.0 is one hell of a tool, and I can't wait for the QuickTIme Broadcaster to come out with QuickTime 6.

- John

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Forget port 80, there is 554 and 7070
Authored by: dan_c on Jul 13, '02 07:12:22PM

I'm having some problems just getting the http working,
is rtsp:// the correct
url. The access logs indicate I am contacting the QTSS but the
movie is not streaming.

Do you have to disable user access?

Any suggestions appreicate!

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Forget port 80, there is 554 and 7070
Authored by: cbh0089 on Jul 25, '02 11:59:00AM

Ditto, I can stream to the local computer using local, ip address assigned, www assigned, however from a distance no go unless I enable :80 streaming.


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can u help me?
Authored by: Andreab on Jul 25, '02 02:11:17PM

my qtss on os x server give me 2 error message: one in the qt player it says that it cannot found a resource fot the movie; one in the explorer/netscape window like a bad request... what i can do?
sorry for my english... :)

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Works somewhat.. well not really
Authored by: 47ronin on Feb 18, '02 04:32:29PM

I finally got the damn thing "playing" .. you need to have an MP3 broadcast password and have it relay to localhost, with a password.. however, streams only seem to play for about 5 seconds to external clients. Granted, this is from a G4 on a cable modem, everyone gets an iTunes buffering window, then it plays for 5 seconds, then nothing. I figure it has something to do with upload bandwidth but I don't see a way to cap it. You can't set the Max. Throughput to anything less than 16kpbs (you get password/mount errors for some odd reason). It will stream at bitrate you have the media at, no matter what. How can this be fixed?

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Works somewhat.. well not really
Authored by: johnblommers on Feb 18, '02 10:59:14PM
I've gotten an MP3 playlist working - at least with iTunes on three LAN-based Macintoshes. I tried to get Realplayer on a PC to pick up the stream but IT gave me the exact same symptoms you noted in your post - about 5 seconds of un-smooth playback, then a full stop with no messages to explain the behavior. I did not have to set up any QTSS relays. Though the default relay is active, it has all blank settings.

For some reason I cannot get QuickTime Player to pick up the MP3 stream at all.

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Works somewhat.. well not really
Authored by: dez on Sep 25, '02 12:43:59AM

I've exact the same problem on playlist, play for 5-8 sec, and it stop for no reason. I've tried using different port, 544, 7070, 8000, 8001, none of them works. I tried iTune, winamp on PC, same results.

Anyone know the fix, please advise!


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Authored by: berryks on Nov 14, '02 09:30:10AM

To stream your mp3s on OS X you need a lower the MP3 bit rate. I have a cable modem with 128k upload I was having the same problem streaming for only 5 seconds with MP3s at 128 kbps + then it would cut out. I found that if I used an mp3 ripped at 96kbps or lower it would stream without problems you do lose quality but I can now listen to my entire mp3 collection from where ever.

I had the max throughput set at 56 kbps
Max number of connections at 2

And streamed through port 80,554 and 8000

Using Quicktime and winamp

Rtsp://<<ipnumber>>:<<port number>>/<<playlistname>>

Winamp works better on port 80 using http://

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How you connect to a stream.
Authored by: 99macChristopher on Jul 15, '02 09:10:46PM

MP3 streams:

icy://ipnumber/mountpoint (this is for all players including Quicktime Player)

Remember that if you want to broadcast to the world you must open up port 8000 on your firewall.

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apache and qtss
Authored by: edtd on Jan 15, '03 06:55:20PM

ok, so is there anyway to run an apache server on port 80 so people can access your website from anywhere, and at the same time run qtss on another port so people can listen to your broadcast from anywhere?

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apache and qtss
Authored by: sardu_mac on Jan 16, '03 08:09:18AM

Of course, they work fine at the same time, just put them on different ports.

I'm running the DarwinStreamingServer on a linux box of mine, it's on ports 554,7070 and 8000 and Apache is on ports 80 and 443 (ssl), and StreamingProxy is on port 554 on just the internal ethernet. The fact that it runs Linux makes no difference, the same setup will work on Mac OS X just fine.

Have a look at the rtsp_port and refmovie_rtsp_port (if you use QTSSRefMovieModule) preferences in the streamingserver configs; the Port, BindAddress, and Listen directives in Apache's httpd.conf; and the 'listen' option in the StreamingProxy conf files.

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QT Streaming Server on OS X Client
Authored by: maclaxguy on Jun 10, '03 01:02:43PM

How do we get QTSS? On the Apple page, the only way to get QuickTime Steaming Server is through the Mac OS X Server 10.2.5 update. I see that we can get Darwin Streaming Server, but your article seems to be about QTSS not DSS.


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Where to get QTSS
Authored by: someToast on Sep 04, '03 10:25:43PM
QTSS 4.1.1 is still available as a separate download from Apple here.

The one bundled with the OS X Server update is 4.1.3, but I don't know what's changed between the two.

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QT Streaming Server on OS X Client
Authored by: long1082 on Aug 19, '03 08:45:58AM

I am beginner with QTSS. I have set up a QTTS in my computer ( a server one). I have try to make a playlist and test it. In fact, I made a test in another computer in the same network, it works well with video files ( .mov), but with mp3 files, it doesn't work.
I made the test by taping rtsp://server ip/ or .mp3. Quicktime Player apprears but it doesnt work with mp3,it says unsupported file. How can I do now, I want to make a test first.`
Another one, I want to ask is that If I am in a remote computer (anyone), and I want to test this, can i use the url rtsp://..... or http..... how can I use? Thanks

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