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Hide iDVD while encoding in the background Apps
After reading the previously published tip about hiding iMovie while rendering, I decided to see if there were any changes with iDVD. I started 'top' running after iDVD began encoding, and noticed two processes using most of the CPU time: EncoderSer and iDVD. Both were using around 50% CPU on a DP500. After hiding iDVD, it's usage dropped to 2% and the EncoderSer jumped to 163%.

Encoding went much faster!
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Hide iDVD while encoding in the background | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Hide iDVD not enabled
Authored by: willie on Apr 09, '02 03:58:48PM

I am in the process of burning my first DVD and thought I would try the trick mentioned. The iDVD dialog says "Stage 3: Asset encoding ..." and all the menu options in the iDVD menu are hidden except the Services option.

What am I missing? I can minimize the window apparently. I will see if that helps.

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Switch first then hide
Authored by: robg on Apr 09, '02 06:01:52PM

Try clicking on the Finder first, then select "Hide Others", and then use the dock to make other apps visible on a case by case basis. I'm not sure if minimizing will help or not...


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This does not work for me.
Authored by: allenhuffman on Aug 26, '02 08:39:05PM

This does not work for me (IDVD 2.1 and Mac OS X 10.1.5). As soon as it enters Stage 1 switching to the Finder and selecting Hide Others hides others, but now iDVD because it is too busy to pay attention ;-)

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Anyone able to do this?
Authored by: jelwell on Dec 14, '02 07:36:59PM

As far as I can tell this tip is totally bogus. I can't hide iDVD. The iDVD menu has "Hide iDVD" greyed out while encoding. If I click on "Hide Others" from finder (or another app) everything is hidden, except iDVD - which doesn't seem to honor "Hide Other" while encoding.

iDVD's Minimize menu item under "Window" is accessible, but clicking on it doesn't seem to honor the request.

I'm using OS 10.1.2 and the latest iDVD.

It takes roughly 250 minutes to burn a dvd in iDVD for me. So any way of speeding up that process would be most helpful.
Joseph Elwell.

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