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Install an inexpensive USB card for OS X System
If you need additional USB ports or have a beige G3 or run OS X on an unsupported system using XPostFActo, you can use CompUSA's $15 no-name two-port USB card. On my PowerMac 7600 it worked right out of the box. I was able to print from it to my Epson inkjet printer.

A Web search revealed the card, an MP-861-2, to be made by Megapower International Corp. in Taiwan. Their online information makes no mention of OS X, by the way.
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Install an inexpensive USB card for OS X | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: kerouassady on Feb 07, '02 11:13:39PM

Isn't this true about any PCI based Mac running any OS since 8.6? Using the USB Adapter Card Support in 8.6 or the regular USB drivers in 9.x will let you use any standard compliant USB card. I don't see why this would go away in OS 10. My 4 port USB card has been working since the day I upgraded and I never expected anything different.

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Not sure...
Authored by: robg on Feb 07, '02 11:56:11PM

I bought and returned a USB card for my machine back when it was running OS 9. It was a generic card from Fry's, and it simply did not work. Anyone know the official answer?


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Authored by: Auricchio on Feb 08, '02 01:27:52PM

OS X will support a card or IO chip as long as that chip set is already supported by a driver. For example, if you plug in a SCSI card with the Symbios 53c875, the OS X driver will find it. Plug in another of the same card, and another instance of the driver will be launched (instantiated) at startup.

I presume the $15 USB card just has the same chipset that's already been supported by OS X. Probably the same chip that's on one of the supported motherboards

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Authored by: wealthychef on Feb 08, '02 07:39:18PM

So how does one determine the chipset of a USB card before buying it?

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PCI USB card won't wake from sleep
Authored by: jweaks on Feb 13, '02 12:39:17AM

I installed a generic PCI 5 port USB card to add ports to my G4 running X. It works fine until the machine goes to sleep. After wake, the devices plugged into the card won't work. The "brand" is as best I can tell, called "For Best Ports Connection".
Any ideas?

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yeh it works but
Authored by: macubergeek on Feb 08, '02 03:31:22PM

I did exactly this. I bought a generic usb card and it works generally. By that I mean that it works for everything EXCEPT the Handspring usb cradle I was using....don't know why.

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The 4 port SIIG card works well
Authored by: tz on Feb 10, '02 12:31:07AM

This was at my local CompUSA. It was closer to $40 but sported full USB bandwidth on each channel, so I could run multiple webcams or other bandwidth hogs. Depending on what you want to do (disk/flash cards, Video, etc.) it might be worth considering.

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Authored by: WillyT on Feb 10, '02 05:54:29AM

I plugged in an IOGear USB 2.0 pci card and it works.

Haven't gotten any 2.0 stuff to try with it but 1.1 works ok.

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