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Put Google in the IE search bar Apps
If you want to replace the standard Microsoft search sites, in the search bar, with one of your preferred, such as Google, it is possible. What you need to do is edit the Localized.rsrc file in the "Internet -> Contents -> Resources -> English.lprog" folder (control-click on the app and pick "Show package contents"); if you are not using English, then you should open up the appropriate directory for your language. Don't forget to make a backup copy of the file!

Now with a copy of QuickConvert, flip the resource and the data forks. Next, open the file in ResEdit, open STR# resource 1000 (it has the name "Shared Strings" ). Now edit entry 470 and change it to

While you are at it you can edit entry 344 to take the value . This will enable you to use Google for your address bar keyword searches.

Save the file, run QuickConvert on the file, to reflip the forks and the start up Internet Explorer. Now your search bar should be showing the Google search page.

[Editor's note: I have not tried this one, and I'm not likely to as I don't use IE. If you get this modification working, let us know...]
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BBEdit Alternative to this
Authored by: outofcontrol on Feb 05, '02 09:01:03AM

I found this on macslash as I was searching for a way to make this change with BBEdit (first time I tried it I killed IE, so be warned). This is a modified version of the macslash version.

1. Quit Internet Explorer (might want to print these out)
2. In the Finder navigate to /Applications and right click on Internet Explorer
3. Choose Show Package Contents
4. Open Contents
5. Open Resources
6. Open English.lproj
7. Make a backup of Localized.rsrc (If you mess up the hack IE won't launch.)
8. Open Localized.rsrc in a text editor (BBEdit works great but make sure you don't have it set to save the state)
9. On line 42 replace with (The entire string must be 52 characters which explains the plug before the actual link.)
10. Save the file and relaunch Internet Explorer
11. Search Google from the address bar by typing ? searchterm

You can make the string shorter if you modify that '4' before the URL. The 4 corresponds to ASCII value 52. By changing the character to the appropriate ASCII char you will be able to use a shorter string.

Again, please make a backup of the Localized.rsrc before you try this. If IE does not work anymore, simply copy back the original file and restart. Worked for me at any rate.

Good Luck

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BBEdit Alternative to this
Authored by: thatch on Feb 05, '02 07:40:13PM

Works great! No problems. Great tip! Thanks!

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BBEdit Alternative to this
Authored by: chellman on Feb 06, '02 04:06:49AM

That replaces the searching on the title bar. To replace it in the explorer bar, replace this string (on line 60 when opened via BBEdit):^0/srchasst/srchasst.htm

with this:

This is very nice. Even though I use Mozilla more often, it's nice to have this available.

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Missing the point
Authored by: ajmas on Feb 10, '02 10:36:47AM

You can certainly do things with BBEdit, but the whole point of using ResEdit ( yeah I know it is a classic app ), is that you get to see the resources for what they are - icons with an icon editor, text strings with a text string editor, etc. For example when you are editing the text strings you just enter the text without having to take out your ASCII chart to work out what the ASCII equivalent of 52 is.

I certainly look forward to a MacOS X equivalent of ResEdit. If you have never used ResEdit I urge you to check it out, even if it does mean launching the classic environment.

I should probably have explained my point in the hint, though better late than never ;)

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Missing the point
Authored by: pal on Feb 11, '02 09:52:40PM

If you miss ResEdit give Resorcerer a try! They have an OS X version available. Their website is...
With Resorcerer you don't need to convert it to a resource (and back). Those files appear as resources did in ResEdit.

ps. The google search tip was great, I never used the search tab in IE before this mod.

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Use TextEdit
Authored by: talus on Feb 10, '02 05:13:28PM

While I like resEdit (and I don't even know what BBEdit does), it was very easy to just open up OS X's TextEdit and use the find (cmd-F) to locate the text and change it, then just save. Great mod!!

Now if I someone can just get rid of that spinning "e" throbber!!

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or a google search dialogue
Authored by: eddyer on Feb 06, '02 12:16:19PM

I use URL manager Pro, but whatever browser you're using, you can simply put this as a favorite (without the quotes of course): "javascript:void(q=prompt('Enter%20text%20to%20search%20using%20Google.',''));if(q)void(location.href=''+escape(q))"
and it pops up a dialogue that searches Google for the text you enter. I don't remember where I picked this up...

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Getting ResEdit
Authored by: ajmas on Feb 10, '02 10:35:37AM