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Use USB Overdrive to control your mouse! Apps
Anybody have a mouse they want to work better? I have a MS Trackball Explorer, and I love Microsoft has been slow to deliver an OSX driver for it, but now, thanks to Alessandro Levi Montalcini there is an anwser. It's a universal USB mouse driver (and soon to work on game pads also). This program works awesome, even though it's still in beta. A little pricey at $20, but head on over to and give it a try. Really really awesome work.

[Editor's note: If you have an unsupported multi-button mouse, USB Overdrive can give those third, fourth, and fifth mouse buttons customized functions in OS X!]
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Anything but Pricey
Authored by: 128K Mac on Feb 05, '02 09:48:38PM

I disagree that USB Overdrive is pricey. This is software, which when it completes its migration from OS9 to OSX, will control virtually *any* input device.

Got a mouse, game controller, graphics tablet, or whatever that isn't supported for the Mac (or for which support was dropped after OS9)?

USB Overdrive will work. This is exemplified in the present support for any number of rodents which are not supported in OS X by software from the vendor. The nice thing is that USB Overdrive is *not* device dependant, i.e., just as Mac OS has (limited) support for 2-button rodents with scroll wheel, the support for input devices with USB Overdrive is "generalized" and often works better than the buggy software the vendor (may or may not) come up with.

I used it (and still do) in OS 9, for example, for several different Micro$loth rodents because M$ used to be six months behind in updating drivers. This problem no longer exists. But USB Overdrive has *always* worked and the type of devices supported (not to mention the number supported simultaneously) has to be seen to be believed.

Selection of the main controller device(s) of a Mac has become a very personalized choice for many users with the variety of devices now available. If your choice, moving over from Linux or another platform, or if moving from OS 9 to X, has no support, this is the classic alternative to avoid waiting on drivers, supporting hardware for which there is no support, etc. etc.

Not a new boy on the scene. One of the most useful pieces of shareware for OS9. And written by an author whose record is excellent. This evolving piece of software will become an excellent enhancement for OS X, regardless of any support (mediocre, non-existent, or otherwise) provided by the vendor.

Am I a convert? Indeed I am. Am I related to the author? Nope, don't even speak Italian. ;)

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USB Overdrive software
Authored by: danglia on Feb 07, '02 01:25:31PM

I've been using my Kennsington trackball with the dual USB iBook for many months using OS9. I finally made the shift to OSX and couldn't use many features that i'd grown accustomed to.
I found this USB Overdrive utility for OSX, and set it up last night.
So far, I'm psyched.
You can setup system wide commands for each button (up to 5) and control scroll wheels and clicked scroll wheels.
You can also set up application specific commands for each button. So far everything is working great. Solid bugs yet.
It works better that the Kennsington software did on OS9.

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OS X even works w/Japanese mouse!
Authored by: dzurn on Feb 07, '02 06:17:46PM

I was in Akibahara for Christmas vacation and bought a tiny optical mouse, with two buttons and a scroll wheel, for my PowerBook G3 Firewire. The label was almost all in Japanese, but it did include a little "Mac OS X 10.1" label, so I bought it (about $30). The brand is Elecom, and it's translucent blue with a bright blue LED inside the mouse! Talk about snazzy!

Anyway, even though it included a little 3" CD-ROM with its (Japanese langugage) control panel, I ignored the CD-ROM and just plugged the cute bugger into the USB port and it works like a champ in OS X! The scroll wheel works in almost every application, including all the browsers I use. And a click-scroll scrolls entire pages.

The only complaint is that OS X has no way to reprogram the right button, since it's assigned as a control-click, but I got used to it. I'm looking forward to using USB Overdrive for OS X to do some reprogramming.

I also use USB Overdrive on OS 9 for my Kensington TurboBall. USB Overdrive works 100% better than Kensington's flaky control panel/application setup.


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USB Overdrive ROCKS!
Authored by: darthbubba on Feb 07, '02 11:32:05PM

As a left-hander, USB Overdrive is necessary software for both OS 9 and OS X. Under OS X, it's the only program that will allow me to reverse the mouse buttons so a left-click is under my index finger.

Soon as I pay down my Visa from Christmas, I'm registering it post-haste. :)

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