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Keyboard navigation of Omniweb page links Web Browsers
OmniWeb is my browser of choice, but I've always been envious of Internet Explorer 5's ability to navigate links via the keyboard. Today I stumbled across a similar feature in OmniWeb 4.1sp36 (sneakypeek 36)! It may be in earlier versions as well - I don't know.

Press command-downarrow to move forward through links on a page (the currently selected link is outlined with a box) and command-uparrow to go the other way. Press the return key to "click" the link.

If you don't have it, you can get the latest beta ("sneakypeek") build of OmniWeb 4.1 from Omni's server.
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There is another way of doing this
Authored by: JKT on Feb 04, '02 05:28:50AM

Just type the first letter of any link and it will jup to it. Then press enter to open the link.

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There is another way of doing this
Authored by: sjonke on Feb 04, '02 10:48:00AM

Cool! However, I wish there were some way then to move alphabetically through the links so that if there is more than one link starting with the letter you type you can then advance to the next or previous one alphabetically, not positionally, similar to how the tab key behaves in the Finder. Perhaps this is there? Note that command-tab switches applications and thus isn't available.

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Keep hitting the letter
Authored by: sjonke on Feb 04, '02 10:55:48AM

I just answered my own question. If you just keep pressing the letter it goes to the next link starting with that letter. However, I can't find any way to go backward.

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There is another way of doing this
Authored by: stevetech on Feb 04, '02 11:30:56AM

Now I'm even more impressed with omniweb! I didn't know you could select a link by typing in a letter. So very cool!

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There is another way of doing this
Authored by: law on Feb 04, '02 12:55:14PM

With the 4.0 version of omniweb, when you pressed G (for Go),
this would highlight the URL in the address field so that you could enter a
new one easilly and this without the use of the mouse... Is this still possible with 4.1 ???

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There is another way of doing this
Authored by: aranor on Feb 04, '02 07:40:55PM

Command-L. It's the Go To Location menuitem in the Browser menu.

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Yet more to this
Authored by: sjonke on Feb 04, '02 01:03:51PM

I see now that you can type several letters of a link in succession, not just the first letter, and it will jump to the first link that matches, not unlike how the utility LaunchBar works. So if you quickly type "sy" on Mac OS X Hints it will go to the "System" link above instead of "submit a hint", "Stats" or "Site News", all of which are prior to it.

Yes, this is all just more reason to love OmniWeb.

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Not only that (drop-downs)
Authored by: Anonymous on Feb 05, '02 03:10:08PM

(One of the FEW things that I have envied about the WinIE UI is) the ability to keyboard-select an item from a drop-down menu: This works in OS X too by going to the "Keyboard" prefpane and selecting the "Full Keyboard Access" tab and select the "Any control" radio option on the top of window. This will allow you to tab through all of the controls on a page (drop-down menus included.) Just tab until you see the "glow" highlighting it, then type a letter and it will jump to the first letter of the select item (e.g. "G" would fast-forward to down the list to "Georgia" on a 'U.S State' list.) Arrow keys will change the selection up or down. *As a bonus -- this works system-wide with all of the Cocoa apps I've tested, like Mail (Account & Sig lines, for instance)...

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