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Free basic image enhancer for use with iPhoto Apps
I just discovered a neat little program that can work as a great little companion to iPhoto. While the basic tools in iPhoto are great for simple touchup, I know that I sometimes want to adjust brightness, contrast, color balance and all those good things. PixelNhance from Caffeine software lets you open an image and make those adjustments with a neat difference. There is a bar that splits the picture, that is movable and rotatable, so you can see a "Before and After" view of the changes you have made. I set it as my editor for pictures when I double click on them in the iPhoto preferences.

And one of the best things is it's FREE. And, I'm not the only one who thinks it's neat because Apple is including it with the new G4s they just announced.

Check it out!

[Editor's note: Based on a five-minute trial, this is an impressive piece of freeware! In addition to the adjustments listed above, you can also tweak levels, sharpness, noise, and saturation. Well worth a download!]
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Like it but...
Authored by: DaveT on Jan 30, '02 06:54:57AM

One of the pieces that is missing is the ability to constrain the image i.e. reduce the size for web viewing. Check out PixelPipe here : <>. The author reports he's currently working on a carbon port of this app which also allows one to batch convert, resample and recompress, edit and apply special effects. Cool

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Very cool
Authored by: sjonke on Jan 30, '02 11:07:55AM

What a great program. It makes it easy to adjust the color, sharpness, contrast, noise, etc, dynamically seeing what the actual difference is. Indeed this is the first program to make feel that I'm making an improvement in the picture! It's great to be able to make some adjustments and then slide the bar left & right (or whatever) to quickly view the change it makes to a persons face or whatever.

On the other hand I tried their workhorse program Tiffany3 and found it very confusing/weird. It looks like it's quite powerful, but seems difficult and awkward to use which is too bad as we could use a good Photoshop alternative, especially since Photoshop isn't ready for X yet.

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Very cool
Authored by: macubergeek on Jan 30, '02 05:07:53PM

While you are on the download page check out another free program "Curator" which you can use to manage your image collection.

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Very cool
Authored by: ppmax on Jan 30, '02 11:43:55PM

i would also strongly suggest that people take a good hard look at tiffany which is like a next generation version of photoshop. instead of layers a filters, tiffany works like a series of input and output events.

the bonus is that tiffany has been around for years, runs natively on os x, is fully documented, etc. for those that lament the absence of photoshop, take a look thru their is a powerful app.

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Authored by: sjonke on Jan 31, '02 09:52:50AM

" is a powerful app."

But, as I said, a very confusing to use program as well. Photoshop is complex to use if you want to take advantage of complex features, but Tiffany is off the scale in complexity just to do basic things. It has weird/dumb stuff like the need to select a tool from a browser and then know to click on the brush tool icon to use it, and even then if you made any settings changes to the tool the brush won't use them unless you remember to press the save button first. Weird. Still, I can imagine that if you take the time to learn it it would be a powerful tool. Also, part of the complexity is no doubt because it takes a completely different approach to image editing and that takes some getting use to.

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Very cool
Authored by: DougAdams on Jan 31, '02 12:04:50PM

Fabulous program when you don't want to go to the trouble of using PhotoShop.

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