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Override the rainbow cursor in the Finder System
Just a little random something I noticed. At times my Finder freezes. I get the annoying spinning disk icon and I am unable to open anything, or click on anything. At best the dock will come up from it's hidding spot. I find this happens most often when IE is trying to accomplish a task.

Whatever the cause, it takes over the entire Finder, preventing me from opening or working in any other applications. I have found a way to bypass this annoyance. I use the option-command-esc key sequence to bring up the "Force Quit" window. Then without force quiting any apps, I simply close the force quite window. for some reason this frees up the finder again, and allows me to work on other apps while what ever app that is lagging behind and causing the temporary lock up, catches up.

[Editor's note: I have no idea if this works, but if you get the spinning rainbow in the Finder, it's probably worth a try...]
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Is this the Internet Connect Bug?
Authored by: WillyT on Jan 29, '02 09:39:57PM

The only time my system freezes is late in the month(big hint) when I try to go online. I'm using a 56k modem. Everything except the mouse stops. If I try to get to the dock(hidden) the mouse pointer dissapears(?) eventually it thaws(after about 3 to 20 minutes). I almost never get the Color spinner, its been almost 6 months since I put the swapfile on a different DRIVE (this really made a difference). When this freeze happens the keyboard WON'T call up the force quit box, but it will open just as soon a everything thaws. So I'm not losing any keystrokes. I've had this problem intermittently since 10.0.1 or 10.0.2.

If your talking about the black and white spinner I think thats just IE taking its time. It seems to throw it up and kind of forgets to pull back the regular pointer till you do something else.

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Is this the Internet Connect Bug?
Authored by: freq on Jan 30, '02 12:34:26AM

I am sitting here typing this from OS9 because of this very problem only this happy escape from certain death workaround doesn't work on my system. the option+cmd+esc doesn't even work for killing the app, nor will it allow me to shutdown without holding the power key in for 5 seconds to do a hard reset.

It seems fairly selective about which apps totally hang my system (if i happen to choose 2 of these unlucky applications (i.e. itunes and explorer) the system completely freezes.

I had this problem recently when i installed the new palm desktop. blew that away, that didn't help then reinstalled OSX .1 and everythign was cool again (except for a few annoying missing preferences and program updates) i refuse to do this again cause i cant find my 10.1 cd.

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Sound like an IE Bug
Authored by: matthewshull on Jan 30, '02 09:40:31AM

I have found my system does all kinds of weird things when I run IE. It did on OS 9, and continues to do so on OS X. I have tried this force quit before and it almost always returns control to me when I make the mistake of running IE. Good Tip!

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Sound like an IE Bug
Authored by: WillyT on Jan 30, '02 10:26:42AM

My problem is definatly in Internet Connect. IE is not even running. I learned a long time ago to not let anything automatically connect.

But IE could have done something to my system way back when. I've trashed all my internet preferences on the advice of Apple. No help it always comes back. It goes away after a reboot. And it goes away after the monthly crontab.

I have 15 days of uptime (since HP G85 printer driver install I think) and the freeze lasts about 7 minutes now.

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Sound like an IE Bug
Authored by: chantal on Feb 05, '02 08:30:28PM

I have fixed that problem I use Netscape 6.2.1 and I enjoy it very much
it doesn's seem to freeze up like IE

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Is this the Internet Connect Bug?
Authored by: BobHarris on Jan 30, '02 01:04:18PM

I noticed the same thing, but I do not remember what I was doing at the time. However, I was all set to Force Quit the application, and as soon as the Force Quit window appeared, eventhing unfroze. Go figure.

Bob Harris

PS. I do _NOT_ run Internet Explorer.

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Is this the Internet Connect Bug?
Authored by: WillyT on Jan 30, '02 08:59:22PM

It took slmost 10 minutes to connect this evening.

I figured IE had nothing to go with this. My favorite browser is Netscape 4.7. Runs ok from Classic. 2nd is IE 5.1 from X. Netscape from X is just not usable for me. I think it is a completely different code base from 4.7.

Looking at the system log I get this:
Jan 30 18:48:18 Darwin pppd[25357]: pppd 2.4.0 started by root, uid 0
Jan 30 18:57:58 Darwin mach_kernel: AppleSCCModem(253ad00): setPowerState is called -- powerStateOrdinal = 1
Jan 30 18:57:59 Darwin mach_kernel: keylargo bit 2 set

Then it dials out. Between the first and second log entries the machine is useless.

Looks like I need to read pppd man page.

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