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Run Apple System Profiler from the Terminal System
Evidently, Apple included a command-line version of Apple System Profiler in with Mac OS X, located in the /usr/sbin/ directory. It can be run simply by typing AppleSystemProfiler (no spaces) at the prompt in Terminal.

(For what it's worth, my readout says it's v1.0.42 and says it's the Apple System Profiler Tool. The one we all know about, the one with a GUI, says it's v2.7.)

I can see this as being useful in two ways; you could easily redirect its output to a text file for inclusion in an e-mail message by typing AppleSystemProfiler > report.txt.

And this website seems to think that enterprising individuals could somehow script the harvesting of information from this readout for use in, for example, computer labs.
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Authored by: bhines on Jan 28, '02 05:05:49PM

Just add it to my stolen mac tip script i posted a few days ago. :)

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AppleSystemProfiler -help
Authored by: randydarden on Jan 29, '02 07:54:31PM

Type "AppleSystemProfiler -help" to get a list of command-line options for this program.

Unix on a Mac is so much fun. Now I miss the full CLI when I'm using my Win2k machine at work!

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Single User Mode
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Jan 30, '02 12:55:25AM

You can also use 'AppleSystemProfiler' when booted in single user mode, for a quick rundown of the current system.

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Single User Mode
Authored by: jcburns on Jun 30, '02 03:02:58AM

My problem with this is that the CLI version of the Profiler (1.0.42) reports that I have PC100 memory--and the GUI version (in both 9 and X) reports I have PC133 memory.

Who to believe? Does Apple update this utility often?


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Fails in Jaguar?
Authored by: robg on Sep 02, '02 03:49:38PM

On my machine, this command first launched the Classic version of Apple System Profiler. After I had tracked down and deleted all vestiges of that beast from the machine, the command ... opened the native version.

It seems the command line tool is no more??


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Fails in Jaguar?
Authored by: tsugaru on Dec 06, '02 06:33:59AM

Same. I'm running 10.2.2 on a Quicksilver. I recall when I had 10.1.2 installed on my iMac A the AppleSystemProfiler command worked. Now all it does is boot the Classic version of it. Useless now I say.

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Fails in Jaguar?
Authored by: bischofftep on Mar 03, '04 11:20:15AM

It appears that the command has been renamed. It's still in /usr/sbin but is now called system_profiler.

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It's system_profiler in Tiger
Authored by: Rainy Day on Feb 27, '08 12:11:17PM
system_profiler is a replacement for /usr/sbin/AppleSystemProfiler in Tiger (and maybe earlier).

To display a "short" list of hardware, enter:   system_profiler -detailLevel mini

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