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Create a desktop trash alias Desktop
the easiest way i can think of to put a trash on the desktop is:

create a new folder, make an alias of it, get info and select a new original, in the goto type: /users/your name/.trash and choose that, now you have a trash alias to which you can give any custom icon.
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an easier way....
Authored by: ajr on Jan 27, '02 11:38:05AM
An esier way may be..
  1. Open Terminal
  2. cd Desktop
  3. ln -s Trash ~/.Trash/
You will now have a Trash directory on your desktop!

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an easier way....
Authored by: efoivx on Jan 27, '02 01:26:30PM

be sure you HAVE something IN your TRASH before you do this.
If nothing is in the Trash the item ~/.Trash/ does NOT exist.

Cheers :-)

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an easier way....
Authored by: ashevin on Jan 28, '02 01:59:08PM

While this is true for the alias method, it is not true for the "ln -s ..." method. With (unix) symbolic links, the target (.trash) does not need to exist.

- Avi

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Authored by: strummer on Jan 29, '02 07:27:31PM

well, i hope you can help, since i did really want to get a desktop trash icon... and well, now I get bupkis!
i ran the terminal as you suggested and when i restarted the startup osx screen hangs at
I can't boot up in osx
any help??? please....

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Only 'til the trash is emptied!
Authored by: tomem on Jan 28, '02 01:10:45PM

These methods work until you empty your trash, at which point .Trash is deleted and the alias loses its link and has to be recreated. So it's a great idea if you never empty your trash...

Drag Thing adds a trash icon that survives... Wonder if that can be accomplished without adding a floating pallette?

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Only 'til the trash is emptied!
Authored by: jlowrey on Jan 28, '02 09:44:45PM

Trash X can do this.


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Only 'til the trash is emptied!
Authored by: toddsnc on Jan 30, '02 06:30:23AM

in a word, Yes. You can use Dragthing to put trash back on the desktop without having a palette. It's trash doesn't have all the features of the dock's trash; ie it doesn't morph into an eject button or scissors, and it sometimes gives weird messages when you drag a network drive to it to disconnect it. But ...

the trash-on-desktop only works with *registered* versions of DragThing.

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RE: Only 'til the trash is emptied!
Authored by: glowurm on Jun 01, '03 02:50:34PM

Just a quick note about persistence of the method described in the hint: I've followed the directions *exactly* and tested with a silly old file, and the alias remains linked to the directory: [ ~/.Trash ]

I was unable to tell which method the above posts were discussing, whether it be the system link or the alias method so I thought it might be of some help to future readers to know that one of them was persistent.

By the way, I'm not sure if the system version or hardware have anything to do with this, so specs follow.

Snow iMac 500MHz G3
Mac OS X v10.2.6
Build 6L60

Hope this clears some of the mud more perceptual readers may have found inexistent.

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