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OS 9 to OS X switching failure on Beige G3s System
[Editor's note: The following note was submitted to me well over a month ago. Somehow, I lost it in the in-box queue, and finally found it this morning as I was cleaning out some old Help Requests. My apologies for the delay in getting this posted! I have no idea if it's still relevant or not, but it seems important enough to merit a mention. Someone please let me know if it's already non-relevant and what the new solution is...]

I use two Beige G3 machines (now upgraded to G4's) and both have had the problem that when I use Startup Disk on System Preferences to go back to OS9, I can't get back to OS X. It appears that the Startup Disk control panel in OS9 never actually writes the correct Open Firmware values to the nvram. Several times I got back to normal by doing a OSX reinstall -- suffering the whole process just to get the nvram fixed.

Today, I found the painfully simple answer -- download System Disk 2.6.2 from Apple's download site and use it instead of the Startup Disk control panel. This worked perfectly...
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OS 9 to OS X switching failure on Beige G3s | 5 comments | Create New Account
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OS 9 OS X Switching
Authored by: davidboone on Jan 26, '02 01:11:07PM

I have the exact same problem. Using System Disk solved it. My system is a Beige upgraded to a G4/500.

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OS 9 OS X Switching - Beware
Authored by: drool_rockworm on Jan 26, '02 01:46:14PM

System Disk versions prior to, and including ver 3.x can cause OF to hang if
used incorrectly - this is easy to do.


1. Find out where your Cuda button is.

2. Never_ever_use on New World machines.

3. Make sure your name is Wayne Flansberg.

4. If you ignore all the above, use Yellow Pages to locate your
Apple Service Center when your computer doesn't work.


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OS 9 OS X Switching - Beware
Authored by: johnblommers on Jan 27, '02 01:41:52AM
Can be more specific about how one might use System Disk incorrectly in version 2.6.2? What is the relevance of the CUDA button in cases where OF hangs, and what do you mean by "hang" in this case. What happens on a New World machine such as a QuickSilver when using System Disk Utility?

Version 2.6.2 seems all that is readily downloadable from the Apple site. How would you recommend users go about getting version 3.x?

Running Mac OS X on a Beige G3 is a marginal proposition anyway. Mac OS X has to to installed on the first 8 GB volume and none other. The computer floppy drive does not work under Mac OS X. Switching between Mac OS X and Mac OS 9.x is a tense exercise.

For this reason, I decided to run ONLY Mac OS X on my Beige G3 (which also has the Sonnet Crescendo G4/500 ZIF upgrade).

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OS 9 OS X Switching - Beware
Authored by: davidboone on Jan 27, '02 11:11:35AM

I am actually using System Disk 3.3.1 from the Darwin 1.2 package. I have not experienced a problem in several months of use, but I rarely switch back to OS 9.

Reset using the CUDA switch did not fix this problem for me.

Dave Boone

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OS 9 OS X Switching - Beware
Authored by: drool_rockworm on Jan 27, '02 03:35:11PM


OF defines a path to the booter on the boot device, specified as //;tbxi for both 9 and X

System Disk 2.X predates this current architecture.

System Disk 2.x doesn't necessarily respect the path to boot device shown on a new world machine. The machine hangs. The machine most likely has a USB keyboard

Reboots won't reset the NVRAM. no key combo will help if you can't recognize the keyboard.

OF is frozen - unable to find the booter and hand over. The only way to reset the NVRAM is to open the machine and press the Cuda button or later substitute on UMA-1 or UMA-2 machines.

Never use on a current G4/Mystic/Tangent/Quicksilver. Resetting OF variables from the OF prompt might get you out of trouble.

This is the only one of two or three situations where software can mess up your firmware. I have seen men in tears over this one.

Try Startup Disk... article 120024 in the kbase or version in 9.2.2 update.

That is safe.

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