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Search Google from any services-aware app Internet
Found on Apple's Mac OS X software download pages, "Search Google" is a Services addition that allows you to search Google from any Services-aware Application: select a text string and type cmd-shift-G, you fly!

Drop it in your ~/Library/Services folder (create the folder it if it doesn't exist); it will be there the next time you log in.

You want to know what a Phantastron is? Highlight the word and type cmd-shift-G. I am using this two to three times a day in OmniWeb. It works for all Cocoa applications and some Carbonn apps, but no Microsoft apps so far :-(

Now, if you want to know how smart Google is, try a search for landscape images. They know where you live! Awsome, a Windows "friend" of mine said ... Well, here is one more reason to love our platform!
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Do you live in or around Houston?
Authored by: rgoer on Jan 25, '02 10:47:43AM

Because if so, I can see why you would think that Google is geographically aware of searches. I think that Houston area landscapes just happen to be the most pertinent Google results on that particular search, though. I don't think they know where you are searching from.

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Yes I live in Houston...
Authored by: nagani on Jan 25, '02 12:21:44PM

...and Google should know Houston landscapes are not are not the greatest in the world!

Oh well...

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Yes I live in Houston...
Authored by: loren_ryter on Jan 26, '02 10:24:59AM

i worry when people think the fact that some web-application "knows where I live!" is awesome.

...I just highlighted "car," hit command-shift-G, and it knew my current make, model, and registration, knew what cars I had been considering buying, knew my last 10 major purchases, and knew my savings account number and asked me if I wanted to "buy now" using direct wire transfer! Awesome!

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Why aren't Services in contextual menu?
Authored by: sjonke on Jan 25, '02 01:25:41PM

Does anyone else find it irritatingly stupid that Services do not also appear in contextual menus? Services are usually taking an action upon something selected and it would be a lot more convenient, quick and intuitive if they were available in the context menus.

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Why aren't Services in contextual menu?
Authored by: sabi on Jan 25, '02 07:19:32PM

Please file a bug. I have, it's been marked as a duplicate so
obviously other people want this to happen too. But sometimes huge
numbers of duplicates can be convincing. :)

BTW, I just released a small program that lets you command-click
on URLs to launch them (like ICeTEe on Mac OS <X). Only works in
Cocoa apps, but it's free.

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How to get Services in contextual menus (in Cocoa apps at least)
Authored by: sabi on Jan 28, '02 05:01:33AM
So, after posting the previous comment I realized "hey! I wonder how hard it would be to modify ICeCoffEE to do this?" And it was pretty easy, about two hours of work discovering how things worked, making things too complicated for myself, and eventually I found a simple solution. Download ICeCoffEE here I'm planning on inlining the services in some future version (not this week though, I've spent far too much time on ICeCoffEE already!) Enjoy.

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Great addition
Authored by: nagani on Jan 28, '02 08:40:50AM

Thanks Nicholas, it works as advertized: Services in the contextual menus...

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Doesn't Work in BBEdit 6.51
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 25, '02 09:23:40PM

BBEdit 6.51 uses command-shift-G for an internal search function so this service is not functional from keyboard (or from services menu).

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Doesn't Work in BBEdit 6.51
Authored by: lipids on Jan 25, '02 09:45:21PM

It doesn't work in BBEdit because BBEditis a Carbon app. Most services only work in Cocoa apps.

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Doesn't Work in BBEdit 6.51
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 26, '02 04:14:42AM

BBEdit 6.51 is a Carbon app that supports services. In fact, OmniDictionary, which uses Command-=, also conflicts with a BBEdit shortcut. In this case, OmniDictionary is reassigned to Command-Shift-=. Don't know if this is a function of Services in general, OmniDictionary, or BBEdit.

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