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Missing inetd.conf file causes File Sharing crash Network
In our first "transference" hint from the new forums site, 'Crusty' wrote about the Sharing Prefs panel crashing whenever it was opened -- see "Sharing Prefs Messed Up". After a few back and forth "try this" exchanges, 'Thundarr' wrote that he had experienced the same problem and had a potential solution.

The resolution? Somehow, the inetd.conf file in /etc had either become damaged or (in this case) was actually missing. Ideally, you should replace the file with a fresh copy, but this may not always be feasible (note to self -- back up inetd.conf now!).

However, it turns out that as long as a placeholder for the file exists, then the Sharing Prefs will work. So if your Sharing Prefs panel is crashing, open a terminal and check for inted.conf in /etc ('ls /etc inetd.conf'). If it's not there, then type sudo touch /etc/inetd.conf. This will create an empty inetd.conf file, and fix your Sharing Prefs crash. Sure enough, when 'Crusty' created the file, the Sharing Prefs started working again!
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another solution
Authored by: saint.duo on Jan 25, '02 12:13:48AM

I know this isn't available to everyone, but this was happenning on my beige G3 (and almost every other mac running 10.1.2 that I came across). The fix I found was to install build "5P54c" of 10.1.2, which happens to be the one that comes with the new 14" iBooks. Apparently, that build replaces the file if it is needed. Reinstalling X, then 10.1, and updating to 10.1.2 from the net does not seem to fix the problem.

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Not missing anything!
Authored by: pmccann on Jan 25, '02 09:41:54AM


just in case someone with the problem wonders what they're missing by simply "touching" the file in question. The answer is "nothing".

% cat /etc/inetd.conf |grep -v "^#"

That is, there are no uncommented lines in the standard inetd.conf on 10.1.2.


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Never noticed that!
Authored by: robg on Jan 25, '02 11:13:51AM

Very strange then that the lack of an essentially empty file causes a sharing prefs crash!


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It's FTP Access, of course
Authored by: Paul Burney on Jan 25, '02 11:25:19AM

The problem is related to the "Allow FTP Access" checkbox. When it is checked, the standard FTP server is enabled (this is done through the inetd.conf file). A line like the following is uncommented (or perhaps created, if you have a blank inetd.conf file):

ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/libexec/tcpd ftpd -l

Probably after closing the control panel, the system performs a kill -HUP of the inetd process.

On launch, the system prefs looks for the file so it can check the current setting and change if necessary.

The lesson here: Don't mess with the files in /etc unless you really know what you're doing. :-)

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Re: Sharing crash, Apple has a solution for this
Authored by: arajara on Jan 25, '02 06:17:05PM

I wasn't able to get the sharing preferences pane to work either. So I checked the Apple Knowledge Base.

Turns our Apple provides a downloadable fix to this. I wanted to include the link here, but after doing a couple searches there, I'm not finding it. You can check yourself if you don't want to go into terminal and all.


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here's the link
Authored by: saint.duo on Jan 25, '02 07:01:34PM

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