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Brightness settings differ between 9 and X System
After a bewildering and frustrating troubleshooting session, I realized the following:

Mac OS X's screen brightness will be set to "off" at settings that are merely "dim" in Mac OS 9.

I was booted into OS 9 on my iBook, and turned the screen brightness all the way down, just one notch above "off". Later I booted into OS X, and was disturbed to find that the iBook was shutting down suddenly, partway into the boot sequence! The hard drive kept spinning, but the screen went black and the computer wouldn't respond.

I tried Disk First Aid, booting into single-user mode, reinstalling 10.1, and was about to buy a disk-repair utility, when I remembered my brightness setting. I went back to 9, turned up the brightness, and all was well.

Humiliating, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone else runs into a similar problem one day.
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Brightness behaviour in 9
Authored by: janmorren on Jan 24, '02 05:51:47PM

I bought for a colleague a new 17' display of Apple for an older G4 tower. Problems: It needed a new AGP video card with DVI support on it, and of course I needed a DVator to put the screen to the G4.
Now, the brightness of this machine cannot be decreased in OS 9,2,1.
My question, is it possible to install OS X, fix the brightness with the slide bar, and return to 9 to continue working (she uses QuarkXpress, which not Carbonized yet)?

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boot - reboot ?
Authored by: mervTormel on Jan 24, '02 11:39:23PM


were you able to see the OSX start to boot then shutdown/reboot?

the startup script runs /sbin/fsck to check the drives and if it finds a particularly corrupt disk, fsck returns an error code that tells the script to do a fast reboot without flushing disk buffers.

i've never seen this. i wonder if you could remember and try and describe your boot without the brightness consideration.

also, check out the new

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boot - reboot ?
Authored by: mithras on Jan 26, '02 06:59:16AM

The point of my little story was that the boot wasn't actually failing at all - I just thought so, since the screen went black. It would show the happy mac, then the blue screen with spinning wheel, then turn off.

In single user mode, I could get to the prompt, run fsck (which reported clean), and then exit to start the multiuser boot. Just after it put up the windowserver, the screen would go black.

So the whole thing was caused by the different brightness settings between 9 and X. I don't think there was a "catastrophic fsck" like you said, thank goodness.

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Brightness settings differ between 9 and X indeed
Authored by: Roelof Boekhold on Jan 26, '02 05:20:27PM

I also noticed that brightness differs in 9 and X on my iMac 700MHz. It isn't even possible tot callibrate, because I can't get the screen bright enough. Does anyone knows a way to tackle this problem?


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same thing happened to me
Authored by: kltxfm on Jan 27, '02 05:01:52AM

Quite some time ago, though! I was really afraid my machine had died. The strangest thing about this is that you have to boot into OS9 in order to change the brightness. It wouldn't do anything in OS X. I found this so odd I did not dare to try to reproduce this bug!

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Same problem with laptop
Authored by: asb1002 on Jan 30, '02 09:12:33AM

I had the same problem with this on my G4 Laptop after an upgrade to 10.1.? I found the only way I could see the screen was to plug in an external monitor, which used different brightness settings.

I found this problem is cured by a setting in Open Firmware, which can be reset by holding down Cmd+Alt+O+F when booting. After a number of chimes, the screen comes back with its settings inteact. (I think the number of chimes indicates what level of reset occurs, but I don't know the difference; I usually go with 3.)

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Dark Screen booting up OS X, Scary
Authored by: ccsccs7 on Jun 03, '02 04:06:53AM

I had this happen to me also when I restarted from Mac OS 9. I was almost freaking out. I think I waited a while for the system to boot to a level in which I could turn up the brightness.

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