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Palm Background app and the system log Apps
I just realized that two lines of this kind are added every two seconds in my system.log (/var/log/system.log). They are shown on two lines each below to narrow the story width:
Jan 21 01:16:28 localhost mach_kernel: USB:  262.604: AppleUSBOHCI(0x188F000)::
ReturnOneTransaction - found the end of the transaction(0x97C73F0)!
Jan 21 01:16:28 localhost mach_kernel: USB: 262.604: -AppleUSBOHCI(0x188F000)::
ReturnOneTransaction - done, new queue head (L0x97C8180, P0x80F1E801) V0x1E8F180
It stops if I kill background palm application...

[Editor's note: Strangely enough, I do not have this entry in my log file on either machine that runs the Palm Background app. It's probably worth a quick look to see if yours is filling up quickly, though -- command-tilde then /var/log and check the size of system.log.]
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Palm Transport Monitor the culprit
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 22, '02 11:39:27AM

I'm experiencing the identical symptom. I killed Palm's Transport Monitor, and the excessive logging ceased.

I suspect you may not see this problem if HotSync is NOT enabled at system startup.

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My fix...
Authored by: cyberassassin on Jan 22, '02 12:21:20PM

Instead of killing processes, I was able to unplug and reinsert the USB adapter, which made the excessive logging stop.

I think that the USB-Serial adapter driver may be at fault. Also, I might believe that the versions have changed since the first release of the beta and subsequent releases announced at the macWorld Expo.

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Authored by: bhines on Jan 23, '02 06:07:24AM
AppleUSBOHCI is an apple USB driver. You could, if you were feeling adventurous, go to the darwin CVS repository, check out the driver, and recompile it without the error/warning messages. It is pretty easy, I have done it with the iSub drivers. The relevant file with those log messages is Here. (get a free darwin account to log in) Anyway, this is truly a bug in palm's software, but you could send apple a bug on this (on the opensource bug site - - so they can come up with a way to disable such USBLog messages by the user. (perhaps there is) -B

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Authored by: bhines on Jan 23, '02 06:15:07AM
Hmm, the site broke that URL on me. But not this one... Here. It seems GeekLog forcibly inserts a BR for every CR in your message. That's not what i would expect when i choose "HTML Formatted", i expect to be writing HTML. (e.g., I can hit return whereever I want, in this case in the middle of a URL, and it won't be messed up.) Most forums that I have seen don't do that, like slashdot.. Anyway, it would be a nice feature if the user was warned about it perhaps.

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me too...
Authored by: loren_ryter on Jan 23, '02 01:30:41PM

i didn't even know i had a problem.

this should be reported to palm by anyone who is experiencing it.

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More info
Authored by: cyberassassin on Jan 23, '02 04:57:12PM

Upon unplugging and replugging the USB adapter, the system log will print this message:

Jan 23 16:43:localhost kextd[41]: loading module:

and no longer will continue to display the error message reported above, until another Sync with the handheld.

I think that the palm usb driver is doing a whole lot of unnecessary communication over the USB bus. Does anyone know of a way to do "packet captures" on the data bus. Might lead to more info...

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