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Quick sort switching in Finder List view System
Just discovered something by accident and I couldn't easily find this tip already posted:

If you hit Control-I or Control-Tab in the Finder when a window in List view is in the foreground it will cycle through the column sort focus. And sure enough, Control-Shift-I or Control-Shift-Tab will reverse the direction of the column focus. I'm trying to find a key combo that will actually reverse the sort order but haven't caught it yet. A little help...?

PS: I notice Control-I and Control-Shift-I also do the same job as Tab and Shift-Tab in Column view. The reason? Tab and Shift-Tab DON'T work in an Open/Save dialog but Control-I and Control-Shift-I do. Ah-hah...

[Editor's note: I'm pretty certain I never knew this one, and I don't think it's been published here before ... it also works for cycling columns in column view!]
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Only in Carbon
Authored by: sabi on Jan 22, '02 10:54:47PM
Control-I and control-shift-I only work in Carbon Nav dialogs, not in Cocoa open/save panels. The arrow keys work in both (as in the Finder, SNAX, etc.)

Does everyone else find that sorting by Kind in the Finder is extremely slow? It takes about 5 seconds for me to sort 28 items by kind! That's insane.

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Cycling columns in column view
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 23, '02 01:57:33AM

For cycling columns in column view, you can just use Tab (w/o Control).

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control-I is the same as Tab
Authored by: garbanzito on Jan 24, '02 07:21:57PM

control-I is a venerable way to get the tab character, just like control-M control-J is carriage-return line-feed (or v.v., i forget).

so the tab key is easier. shift tab reverses direction.

these work in file dialogs in Cocoa apps too. in Carbon dialogs it just changes the focus to the next control.

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