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A shell script to improve Quake3 performance Apps
I just updated my copy of Quake III to go with Mac OS X on my TiBook (odd that it was installed for six months but not for OS X...), and I wanted to get better performance out of it. So I made the following shell script. i used this tip to make it launchable under the finder and this tip to make it renice without prompting for a password. Lastly, to put finishing touches on it, I put the Quake III icon on to my shell script, called "run Quake III.command�
cd /path/to/
ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep
sudo renice -20 -p `ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep | cut -c1-5`
Read the rest of the article for a sample Quake3 config file that may help further increase your framerates...

The last thing I did was to create an autoexec.cfg in my baseq3 folder and add the following commands:
seta r_picmip "2" // default:1 // Mipmap level of game textures, the higher the number, the blurrier things get, the faster the FPS
s_chunksize 2048
seta com_hunkMegs "180" // default:56 // 56 is if you only have 64 MB, more needs extra memory!
seta com_soundMegs "18" // default:8 // see above with sound
seta com_blood "0" // default:1 // Show blood, when 0 no blood, better performance
seta cg_gibs "0" // default:1 // Renders gibs (heads, arms, legs...), when 0 no gibs, better performance

// because i run off a TiBook, i want Quake III to fill the screen!

seta cg_fov "110" // default:90 // Regular field of vision (not zoomed in)
set r_customaspect "1"
set r_customwidth "720" // default:? // or you can use 896, or 1152
set r_customheight "480" // default:? // or you can use 600, or 768
set r_fullscreen "1"
set r_mode "-1" // Default: 3 // Resolution, -1 means use settings above
Using these settings, I get much better performance in Quake III on my TiBook than I would otherwise, although since I'm running on a Rage 128, performance still sucks! And yes I know that I can put all the autoexec parameters onto the ./quake3 line of the shell script, but I like things to be modular. In reality, I have an autoexec.cfg that executes five OTHER .cfg files! :D

BTW, The shell script is also customizable so that you can go straight into your mods! I don't recall how that is done though.
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more info on customization?
Authored by: epowell on Jan 18, '02 01:04:37AM

oh man, the thing that really peaked my interest here is the possiblilty of launching a q3 mod through the script!

hes hints "BTW, The shell script is also customizable so that you can go straight into your mods! I don't recall how that is done though."

anyone know about this? i would love to be able to do it!!!!!!!!


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q3a scripts
Authored by: brett_ on Jan 18, '02 12:38:23PM
finally, something i can help on. re: launching qe3 straight into a mod. this applescript launches me straight into urban terror:
tell application "Terminal" do script with command "'/Applications/Games/Quake3/ /MacOS/Quake3' +set fs_game q3ut2" end tell
obviously, if you want to launch into a different mod, change "q3ut2" to the acronym for your mod. i dunno where to find a web list of mod acronyms offhand. but it *might* just be the name of the mod's directory. or you can look at the acronyms used by only mortal -- the best osx q3a server browser to date. finally, here's an example of launching a command line dedicated server:
tell application "Terminal" do script with command "/Applications/Games/Quake3/Q3DedicatedServer -RetailInstallationPath /Applications/Games/Quake3 +cvar_restart +set com_hunkmegs 30 +set net_port 29099 +set vm_game 2 +set dedicated 2 +set g_gametype 3 +set gamename Q3UT2 +set fs_game q3ut2 +map ut_sliema +exec utserver.cfg" end tell
this is an example that works -- but may not be the best for your setup. research the variables for your own needs. good luck. N.B.: all code broken for ubb purposes. everything between the "tell" and "end" lines should be one contiguous line. brett.

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forgot to add . . .
Authored by: brett_ on Jan 18, '02 12:45:58PM

that these examples are for applescripts -- i'm trying to merge the principles of the shell script here with my applescript. perhaps hes nikke will beat me to it.


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i think this should do
Authored by: brett_ on Jan 18, '02 02:38:12PM
again, i used applescript -- and no need to use sudo visudo.
tell application "Terminal" do script with command "'/Applications/Games/Quake3/ /MacOS/Quake3' +set fs_game q3ut2" do shell script "ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep" do shell script "renice -20 -p `ps -ax | grep Quake3 | grep -v grep | cut -c1-5`" password "youradminpassword" with administrator privileges end tell
(the lines "tell" "do" & "end" are single lines, all others have been broken.) to get this script to work, just plug in your adminpassword, your path to q3a, & set your desired mod acronym. save as run-only to protect your password from prying eyes. this may not be the cleanest script, but it works. please suggest improvements. brett.

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grab a copy of the script here
Authored by: brett_ on Jan 18, '02 03:18:51PM

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Better way to do the crucial line
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 18, '02 08:14:32PM

Here's a better way to do the key line of the shell script:

sudo renice -19 -p `ps -ax | grep Quake3 | awk '{print $1}'

Using grep twice is a crime. Using cut to display only one field of a line is a minor offense.

BTW, I have a command (pid) which is basically ps -auxc | grep $1 | awk as above - great for backquoting into kills and such.

In fact I just realized I should just do sudo renice -19 `pid Quake3`.

Oh, and setting a process to -20 is a REALLY bad idea - it means the entire system is locked up while the front app runs. Yes, you say, but that's what we want, just like on OS 9. Wrong - this is Unix. Background stuff happens that NEEDS to happen by itself. Interfering with that is asking for trouble. Just go with -19.

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done and done
Authored by: brett_ on Jan 19, '02 01:57:59AM

thanks alot for the grep tip. i incorporated it. also, i used "property" lines so people can insert their own preferences easily -- path, mod, pwd, cfg & renice value. again, the script is on my homepage:


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Better way to do the crucial line
Authored by: iv on Jan 19, '02 02:59:48AM

Yes, and remember that AWK is just a glorified version of grep, so we can save a process by using pattern matching in AWK:

sudo renice -19 -p `ps -ax | awk '/Quake3/ {print $1}' `

These unix-oneliners give Applescript just the power it used to lack in Mac OS 9; thanks for brett_ et al. for showing me the way to go!

BTW, for more on 'using grep twice is a crime' see, e.g.,


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Better then Better way to do the crucial line
Authored by: sing on Aug 27, '04 10:15:15AM
Why you use grep?

sudo renice -19 -p `ps -ax | grep Quake3 | awk '{print $1}'

Why not use command like this:
sudo renice -19 -p `ps -axw | awk 'match($5,"Quake3") {print $1}'

sumimasen. anatano Lisa... japanese is not supported :-(

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Authored by: Algorythmn on Jan 23, '02 12:36:24AM

This not only sped Quake up, but it also solved my intermittent lock-up (the dreaded "Awaiting Snapshot..."-hang)!!!

And I only used a modest -15 ...

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renice -10
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Jan 25, '02 11:45:21PM
after some more testing, i've found that renice -10 gets even better results then -20! the mouse is more responsive, and the frame rates are a little higher still. a friend of mine also recommended that i set my com_maxfps to something just below my average FPS, and that smoothes things out more. my TiBook is now set to 25 FPS as a max (rather then the 180) as usual, a little experimentation helps.

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