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Reduce RAM allocation in Classic to reduce crashes Classic
If you are having Classic programs quitting on you, you might want to try reducing the the amount of memory allocated to that program.

I had problems with Photoshop, either it would quit on start up or it would quit right after that. So I played around with setting when I brought the memory back down, it was running great again. I don't think X can't handle more memory than 300,000 allocated to it.

I hope this helps.

[Editor's note: Anyone have any further info on this? How does Classic handle programs which request their own blocks of memory within Classic? I'm not too clear on this one, other than I was under the impression that Classic operated in a 1gb virtual address space. Can anyone provide any further detail on how Classic RAM allocation issues are resolved, and whether reducing RAM allocations could help with Classic application stability?]
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Authored by: bhines on Jan 15, '02 03:43:17AM

I remember reading that Photoshop uses temp memory, and that changing its memory allocation can cause flakiness. If he had increased it, that might have been what was causing problems. Thus, reducing it fixed them.

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Classic or 9.2
Authored by: stuartbryson on Jan 15, '02 06:56:38AM

I recently had problems with 9.2 not classic, with any application. I tried After Effects, Photoshop, even Internet Explorer. They all complained if they had more than 300mb of RAM. I am wondering if this is a 9.2 thing - perhaps in order to make classic run smoother, I don't know.


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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 15, '02 07:54:20PM

Photoshop does indeed have it's own built in virtual memory, but still it likes you to give it as much RAM as you can. It's not uncommon to see users giving it 800+ MB! At high memory settings it loads the image entirely in RAM.

I have 896 MB, and in OS 9.2.2 I give Photoshop about 500 MB.

I also noticed however, that I could not run Photoshop in Classic with that much memory allocated to it, even though it runs fine in 9.2.2 that way.

I also had to decrease it's memory settings to get it to run in Classic.

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Mac OS X
Authored by: el bid on Jan 15, '02 05:26:05AM

I think we should avoid getting into the habit of writing "X" (pronounced "ten") when we mean "Mac OSX". We're in the UNIX world now, and X (pronounced "ex") is something quite different (and very relevant to Mac OS X if like me you regularly use XDarwin so that the Mac OSX desktop can cheerfully cohabit with other UNIX systems on the network).

el bid

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Excellent Tip
Authored by: Bobbynow on Feb 16, '02 11:42:04AM

Thanks for the tip of reducing the memory requirements for classic apps. I originally thought it was some kind of extension conflict that had prevented some of my classic apps to start. I reduced the memory of one of the crashing programs and bingo, it started right up.


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