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Create aliases from within an application Desktop
I don't know if it's old news but I haven't seen this tip before.

When draging the tiny preview icon in the name section of a document's window to the desktop or a folder, an alias of the file is created! It only seems to work in Cocoa apps (Preview and TextEdit for example). Press 'option' at the same time makes a copy of the file...

[Editor's note: See the comments and never mind this note :-)]
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Word Follows Finder Rules
Authored by: gilburns on Jan 15, '02 12:19:31AM

Dragging the small icon in MS Word moves the document, Option Dragging copies it, Apple Option Drag creates an Alias.

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Good to know!
Authored by: robg on Jan 15, '02 12:24:16AM
Thanks! I just modified the article to reflect those facts ... I just noticed that what I thought was a copy on the desktop was in fact the original! Someone just anonymously submitted the following, too:
I just read your editor's note about a cocoa trick that worked in Word. I attended the OS X Tips and Tricks session at Macworld with Ken Bereskin and Leo Laporte. They mentioned that Carbon apps CAN be programmed to have many of Cocoa's built-in features, it's just hard. Their example was Office which does many Cocoa tricks via Carbon, but doesn't do them all.

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proxy icon
Authored by: bhines on Jan 15, '02 03:36:06AM

This isn't a cocoa or even carbon thing, it is a Mac OS 8.5 thing. That is when proxy icons were introduced. Yes, 8.5.It is up to the app to handle what the proxy icon does, of course.

Cocoa, being an application framework, handles it for the app.

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It's simple
Authored by: Jon on Jan 15, '02 11:41:24AM

Grabbing the icon in the titlebar is just another way of grabbing the file - as when you grab it in the Finder. And it works the same way.
Thus dragging the icon means usually moving the file. But If you drag a file to the desktop in OS X – whether in Finder or from the window titlebar – it creates an alias instead.
Following this, you can also use modifier keys in the same way as in Finder, i.e option-drag to make a copy and option-command-drag to make an alias.
As "bhines" write, this has been the case since icons in the titlebar was introduced with mac OS 8.5.

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It's simple
Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 05, '02 05:50:08PM

When I drag any icon from a Finder window to the desktop, that item is MOVED--not aliased--to the desktop. This includes the 'proxy icon' in the window's top border.

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