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Add a missing search engine to IE 5.1 Apps
Here's a way to add a search engine to the search toolbar in internet explorer:
(Notes: Do this with caution! Also you can only do this using the single search engine option; I'm on my way to find a way to do this for multiple search engines.)

1. Download this page:

2. Open this in your favorite text editor or html editor

3. Search for the line: <OPTION VALUE="">Yahoo

4.Insert above it or anywhere you like this line (I'm adding google):

5. Save the file, and open it in IE.

6. Change the option to use single search engine

7. Find google on the list. If you're having trouble seeing it, try and click on any remnants of the scroll bars to find the list.

8. Open a new window, and then the search tab.

To reset it, just click customize in the search tab the usual way.

[Editor's note: I have not tried this myself, as I haven't used IE in quite a while...]
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No go
Authored by: Shawn on Jan 13, '02 09:05:53PM

Regrettably, this didn't work for me. I'd hoped it would, as I only use Google. I'm using 5.1.3. Not sure if that makes a difference.

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not working for me either
Authored by: valmont on Jan 14, '02 01:29:44AM

I like the hack but it doesn't work for me just yet. I'm on explorer 5.1.3 as well which i think is the same everyobody has under os x 10.1+

I do have javascript error notification turned on and loading the saved html page does produce errors. Could you turn on javascript error notification and tell me if you even see errors while loading or trying to switch search engines?


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Me neither
Authored by: Jay on Jan 14, '02 05:27:16PM

Didn't work for me. However, I did discover that you can add to your Page Holder and it will work very well. Submitting the search stays in the place holder, as expected and the resultant links show up in the browser. Nice!

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Authored by: saranrapjs on Jan 14, '02 08:22:26PM

In the interest of people having it not working, I reset my prefs and went through my steps. It didn't work. Why it worked the first time, I dont know, but im working on it because microsoft leaving out google pisses me off. again, sorry

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where the search pref is stored
Authored by: elroy_99 on Jan 14, '02 10:11:03PM

I did some poking around in ~/Library/Preferences/, which is where IE saves all its prefs, hoping that even if google wasn't selectable another search url could be added as a <key>/<ic-data> pair.

the prefs are stored as hex values, and translating them to ascii revealed that indeed your search pane settings are stored there, but the actual URL to the selected search engine is not.

Methinks that it may not be easy to make google work as the search if IE is reading the values from some file from the domain instead of locally...

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Use Page Holder for now
Authored by: ahariri on Jan 15, '02 12:54:44AM

I just found a pretty good work around. Add to your Page Holder Favorites. I never use this feature and so having this page be the only one in my Page Holder does not faze me.

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Use Page Holder for now
Authored by: Jay on Jan 15, '02 12:17:21PM
Thanks for rephrasing what I wrote and not copying it word-for-word. ; )

Also, why is the word "testing" appearing at the end of every post?

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Authored by: robg on Jan 15, '02 02:06:56PM

Sorry, I was debugging something last night and left the code in ;-). It wasn't actually appending to the posts, it just appeared on screen.


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Use Page Holder for now
Authored by: ahariri on Jan 15, '02 09:47:40PM

Sorry about that. I have a bad habit of not reading the entire thread, especially when it starts out with bad news:)

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Use Page Holder for now
Authored by: Jay on Jan 16, '02 12:34:21PM

Great minds think alike, I suppose! : )

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