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iPhoto supports (some) unsupported devices Apps
Yesterday, after nearly four years of great service, I retired my Olympus D-500L. Although it worked well for us, it was starting to feel its age, with a maximum resolution of just 1024x768. In addition, it was quite bulky and as a result, sat at home instead of going with us on many trips.

So as I started looking for replacements a couple months ago, portability and higher resolution were two key elements. After a bunch of reading and testing, I thought I had my mind made up. Then iPhoto came out last week. On the iPhoto compatability page is a list of supported cameras, card readers, and printers. When I looked at that page, the camera I was interested in was not listed. Others by the same manufacturer were, but not this model nor even one in the same family.

The camera was supposed to work with Image Capture, though, at least according to the manufacturer's website. So I decided to go ahead and make the purchase, since the camera offered all the features I wanted. If I had to go camera -> Image Capture -> iPhoto, it still wouldn't be too bad. When I took the first test picture and connected the camera, I was very happily surprised when iPhoto launched and correctly identified the camera!

Oh yea ... which camera did I purchase? I picked the Canon S30 PowerShot, a 3-megapixel camera in a very portable body with some nice features and a good price point that has gotten some good reviews. If you're in the market for a digital, I highly recommend a visit to, which features a very thorough collection of reviews and an interactive buyer's guide that's quite good.

In addition, my Epson 890C printer also works just fine through the simplified print dialog in iPhoto, despite it also not being mentioned on the iPhoto page.

Anyone have any other cameras, printers, or card readers not on the list that are also known to work in iPhoto? The PowerShot S30 (and S40, too, I would guess) and the Epson890C are the first two that I can add to the list...
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Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 13, '02 10:46:51AM
Both my Nikon 880 and 5000 models are "on the list" and work as anticipated. I wanted to add one other comment about your suggested reference to the Digital Camera Resource Page. It is one of the most respected digital camera sites on the net and Jeff Keller, the webmaster, is a Mac user who attended MacWorld Expo and wrote an excellent review of iPhoto. This is probably the best single review of iPhoto I've seen, includes various tips, and he has updated it several times. I would also comment that someone trying to save some money by purchasing a used digital camera can still find extensive reviews of many models, now discontinued, on his web site, as well as links to many reviews on the other major digital camera web sites. In the several years I've frequented his site I haven't found a better one about digital photography and it's especially convenient for the Mac user (and Mac OS X user) that Jeff, while also familiar with Windows, prefers the Mac platform by choice. He has extensive information on everything from digital photog software to flash cards, in addition to virtually all of the popular recent and current digital camera models. His forums are among the most popular on the net (50,000+ users) and his links are great. What else can I say? :)

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Authored by: jjckanellis on Jan 13, '02 11:41:27AM

I have a Nikon Coolpix 800 (serial connection) but don't connect the camera to my computers. Instead, I use the compact flash card with either a PCMCIA adaptor card (for my Wallstreet powerbook), or a USB card reader with my wife's dual USB iBook.

The USB card reader I purchased only yesterday. It's an "Acom Data" compact flash USB device. This worked with iPhoto straight out of the box - no drivers etc. I was really pleased. Just plug and play. iPhoto started and I instantly downloaded the photos. The CDRom that it came with (drivers etc.) may be of some use to Windows users or Mac OS 9, but not for OS X.

Since OSX 10.1.2, my PCMCIA card also works with no extra software ("Sandisk PC card adapter"). This was the case with both image capture and now iPhoto. It's goodbye classic (almost)!!!

The USB device also provides an easy way for me to transfer smallish files between the 2 laptops (PCMCIA slot on the wallstreet, USB compact flash reader on the iBook) - essentially like a floppy drive. I have a 64MB card which seems ample currently. Obviously I could go even higher with the compact flash card.


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Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 13, '02 02:49:44PM

I have two different models of SanDisk flash card readers and OS X 10.1.2 solved my problems with both, altho one worked with 10.0.4 then broke with 10.1.

Also have an OEM flash reader of some kind that came with a Nikon camera bag outfit. Like the two SanDisk USBs it also works, but haven't figured out what "brand" it is.

When in doubt, plug it in and see what happens. :)

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iPhoto uses Image Capture
Authored by: robh on Jan 13, '02 11:45:13AM

If you look at 'top' you'll see that starting iPhoto spawns Image Capture. Since the latter is only used to communicate with cameras, it's clear that iPhoto uses Image Capture to talk to cameras on its behalf.

So, if your camera is supported by Image Capture, it should also be iPhoto compatible.

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Authored by: TeeGate on Jan 13, '02 12:45:31PM

I have the Powershot A20 which is on the list and it works fine. But my printer which is the 842C is not on the list and it works. There is some sort of problem with HP's software that causes the printer not to work all the time, but it does not involve iPhoto.


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Authored by: phildobbin on Jan 14, '02 11:12:56PM

I've an Epson Color Stylus 680 which isn't on the list and it works just fine with iPhoto. I was also able to import some old photos taken with an ancient Sanyo camera back in '97 and stored in MGI Photo Suite and they printed up fine on the Epson.

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Toshiba PDR-M4
Authored by: dewme5 on Jan 13, '02 02:17:46PM

worked in image capture, and works in iphoto.... to a certain degree. some of the extras are disabled.. such as the check box for "erase contents after transfer". a feature that does work in image capture.

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Toshiba PDR-M4
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 13, '02 02:42:18PM

"Erase contents after transfer" reportedly crashes some digital cameras requiring battery be removed to "reset" the camera. Others have reported problem of some sort where all data on flash card was erased that's associated with same option.

Appears to be one of those "your mileage may vary" situations as problem doesn't occur with all makes/models.

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Ahh yes! BUT...
Authored by: kingcool on Jan 14, '02 02:45:42AM

I have a SanDisk ImageMate USB smart media card reader that the iPhoto compatibility page says IS supported BUT alas, it is not. The only way I can get pics in is to boot into OS 9.2, use the card reader, then reboot in OS X and import the pics that way...

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SDDR-31 only in X
Authored by: robm on Jan 14, '02 06:52:01AM

The trouble with the SanDisk ImageMate USB smart media card reader is that there are about 8 version types of this reader. OS X only supports
SanDisk SDDR-31, and mine is SDDR-19 on its bottom and just like you, I can only see the pics in 9, and there seems to be no way that I can copy them off the card into a folder. Very annoying.

Read this:

Mac OS X 10.1: Cameras and Devices Compatible With Image Capture Article ID: 106523

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Ahh yes! BUT...
Authored by: wealthychef on Jan 14, '02 11:12:46PM

I believe that you are having the same problem I did... I seem to recall that the model number for the reader listed on Apple's site is for Compact Flash cards, not for Smart media, right? Bleh. I have been looking for a CompactFlash reader for OS X without success for a few weeks. I have finally ordered one from Apple that BETTER work! Grrr.
I have a Zio!! SmartMedia reader, but it doesn't work, and who knows when they will update their driver...

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Kodak USB Card Reader
Authored by: Kool on Jan 14, '02 11:14:15AM
Altough I haven't yet tested it, there is a driver to be downloaded from Kodak's site that should enable the flash card reader to be compatible with iPhoto. It is also delivered with the Kodak DC 3800 Zoom camera (has no USB port of its own).

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My USB camera not supported
Authored by: jwiedey on Feb 25, '02 10:24:52PM

My Ricoh RDC-7 doesn't work with iPhoto. So what's the difference between USB cameras which work/don't work with iPhoto? What protocol does iPhoto use to talk to the camera?

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