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An AppleScript to emulate an up button Desktop
One of the features I think is missing in the Finder is an "Up" button in the toolbar to go to the parent folder. I made some minor modifications to Apple's "Open Parent Folder" script to create a button in the toolbar that does just that. (Apple's script opens a new window with the parent folder; I just modified it to change the contents of the current finder window to the parent folder.)

Here's the script:
on run
tell application "Finder"
set this_folder to (the target of the front window) as alias
set the target of the front window to (container of this_folder)
on error error_message
display dialog error_message buttons {"Cancel"} default button 1
end try
end tell
end run
I saved it as an Application from Script Editor. I then grabbed an image of the "Back" button in the Finder toolbar and rotated it 90 degrees clockwise so the arrow points up. Paste the rotated image as the icon for the "Up" script, then drag the "Up" script to the Finder toolbar. I now have a working "Up" button in the toolbar.
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Ummm... Correct me if im wrong... but isnt that a built in feature?
Authored by: theharvestman on Jan 12, '02 11:58:33PM

Cant you just hit Command+up arrow to go the parent folder?

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Ummm... Correct me if im wrong... but isnt that a built in feature?
Authored by: pixelgeek on Jan 13, '02 01:56:05AM

Yup. Even works in "column" view as well.

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More arrows
Authored by: JayBee on Jan 13, '02 07:17:55AM
Cool... [command] + [down] opens whatever highlighted folder/drive is in the finder window too.

So does [command] + [o], but duplication can be fun ;-)

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No need IMO
Authored by: tknospdr on Jan 13, '02 08:00:05AM
There is a 'path' button, that shows your place in the directory structure that allows you to go up one or more folders. And there's a back button. I think between the two you don't really need an up button as well.

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can be useful
Authored by: JayBee on Jan 13, '02 02:23:35PM

Try selecting Go -> Home (or cmd-opt-H), and then trying to move up a level in the directory. Sure, you COULD use "Go to Folder...", or command-click on the directory name to see a pull down list of the parent directories, but having a quick dedicated button is pretty handy ;-)

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Where did you get the image from?
Authored by: Jon Wright on Jan 14, '02 03:12:13PM

This may seem silly, but how did you grab the image of the back arrow. It would be nice to make the bottons look consistent.

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There is more...
Authored by: Jon on Jan 15, '02 12:09:46PM

Command-clicking on the title in the title bar givs you a menu with the whole path, just as the path-button does. From there you can choose to go to whatever folder that's above the document or folder you're in.
In this way you don't have to put another icon in the tollbar, neither the path-button nor a home-made arrow button.
(But the command-up arrow and command-down arrow trick was good news to me. Might be useful.)

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An AppleScript to emulate an up button
Authored by: jackmon on Jan 06, '04 08:03:39PM

You can use the popup menu or the Command-up arrow, but going up a directory is such a common task that there really ought to be a one-click (non-keyboard) way to do it. It would be like saying: Why do you need a lever to flush your toilet when you can just take off the ceramic top and pull the chain? That's only two steps.

Actually, the lack of an up-button is for me, the single most annoying part of using an otherwise brilliant operating system. And it's so silly because it would have been so easy for Apple to have put one in the Finder customization section.

Oh well... maybe they'll add it in 10.4.

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