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A mini-review of OS X native TaxCut Deluxe Reviews
While browsing CompUSA this evening (hey, I had to do something non-strenuous according to the dentist that yanked a couple of wisdom teeth today!), I was pleasantly surprised to see that TaxCut Deluxe from H&R Block was available in an OS X native edition. It was also a bargain at $24.95, which includes a free (after rebate) state tax form. Sitting right next to it was the non-native TurboTax Deluxe for $49.95 (plus the cost of the state return).

Needless to say, I made a quick and easy decision to try TaxCut this year. After a simple installation process, I launched the program and started walking through it. At first glance, it seems more than competent for the task at hand. You work in an interview format in the top half of the window with the tax form visible in the bottom half of the window, and the right-hand column is a selection of context-sensitive help items. I noticed a couple of very minor visual glitches (radio buttons, mainly), but overall, this appears to be a nicely ported application and it's quite easy to use.

If you're want to stay away from Classic (and save a bit of money in the process!), you may want to give TaxCut a try. Although this is clearly an example of 'first to the OS X market' winning my dollars, it appears that TaxCut was worth the investment based on my initial look at the program.
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Thanks for Tip
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 12, '02 02:10:53AM

I tried TaxCut last year because of lower cost and liked it. Not exactly the best implementation of Mac interface (big surprise) but it worked well.

Thanks for tip on the carbonized version this year. Just downloaded it.

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Thanks for Tip
Authored by: TeeGate on Jan 13, '02 09:49:06AM


I downloaded the program last years and found out that it does not contain all of the same files as the CD version did, and you pay the same price. It was missing some of the media that would have helped me. The man I work with purchased the CD version and I had to borrow it to use some of the features. Anyone know if that is the same this year?


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Authored by: Gwyrrdin on Jan 12, '02 05:23:51PM

Maybe not the place...
But having removed your wisdom teeth....Did it really hurt?

Mine will be removed next thursday....


i'm a little bit afraid....:(

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re: Ouch
Authored by: BMarsh on Jan 12, '02 06:09:59PM

Getting wisdom teeth removed affects different people different ways

some end up with major bruises and hurts alot,
myself I guess I was lucky, I got pulled the one I had to get removed, and played beach volleyball an hour to 1.5 hours after getting it pulled, still had the gauze in my mouth incase it bled. =)

I of course was told not to do anything very active by the dentist etc etc...
it hurt a little bit after the freezing wore off (just before the game) a tylenol or two took the edge off the pain, and had a pretty good game of volleyball considering

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Not bad...
Authored by: robg on Jan 12, '02 11:17:52PM

Didn't hurt at all during the taking-out step (lots of novacaine and laughing gas helped with that!). I was a bit sore after the numbness wore off, and quite sore this morning. But it feels fine now for the most part.


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Not bad...
Authored by: Gwyrrdin on Jan 13, '02 04:24:33AM it's pretty bad:)

will let you know how mine went on friday:)

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Tax Cut works well
Authored by: Anonymous on Jan 14, '02 03:30:44PM

I used it last year, and then for a sanity check I took my stuff down the the local H&R Block franchise. They weren't able to do any better than the software did, so I'm feeling pretty good about it... YMMV.

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