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ZiO and 10.1.2 incompatability workaround Desktop
People with Microtech ZiO card readers were overjoyed in early December to finally receive drivers that enabled these peripherals to work with Mac OS X, only to have their hopes dashed when, after installing the 10.1.2 update, the drivers promptly stopped working.

"Mike C., Certified Service Technician, macUpgrades" claims to have figured out a workaround. Evidently, the cause of the drivers' breakage was that the Mac OS 10.1.2 installer revises the IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext extension to a point where the drivers don't work.

His solution? Boot into Mac OS 9, copy the 10.1.1 version of the extension back into the appropriate directory, and reinstall the Microtech drivers. For some it appears to work, but others say it did nothing for them. Try it at your own risk. If you do go ahead, I highly suggest you keep the 10.1.2 version of the extension around.

Read the rest of the article for some more information on this problem and how to track Microtech's updates automatically...

If this is too risky for you, Microtech will only say that "the Mac OS X drivers for your Microtech USB reader were designed and tested in the Mac OS 10.1.1 environment. We understand that they are now not functioning in the newly released 10.1.2 update. Our engineering team is working diligently to correct this problem. We are sorry for any inconvienience this has caused and should have a solution for you shortly."

Whether you find this assuring or not depends on whether you believe their previous explanation as to the long wait for OS X drivers. They could use the same logic to have us wait until June, telling us after the fact that they wanted to wait until the supposedly more stable 10.2 was released.

You can ask to be notified via e-mail when a 10.1.2 driver is ready by going to answer ID number 794 on their support website. E-mails to their support address and phone calls to (800) 220-9489 do not do much good -- e-mail messages are being disregarded and their support personnel stick to the party line. The only extra information I could get was that the revised drivers were in the "testing stage."
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it worked
Authored by: eddyer on Jan 10, '02 12:53:42PM

I used this just to see if it would work, because seeing as I have a PowerBook, I could just use my CF PC card adapter anyway. It worked fine, but I logged in as root to do it instead of booting to OS 9. Macfixit and/or Macintouch has this fix listed about a week ago, along with a link to download the older file.
System: PowerBook G4 Rev.1/Mac OS X 10.1.2/Zio CF USB Reader/Kodak-formatted 4MB CF card

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Age of articles...
Authored by: robg on Jan 10, '02 12:59:58PM

I never claimed to be a news site :-). This article has been in the queue for a bit, but sometimes it takes a while for me to get through everything.


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Doesn't work with SmartMedia
Authored by: wealthychef on Jan 10, '02 09:05:11PM

I have never been able to use my Zio SmartMedia reader with OS X, though it works fine in OS 9.2.2 (but not in Classic mode, just after reboot). I think this trick only works for those with CompactFlash readers. I tried it and it didn't work for me.
If anyone out there is able to use a SmartMedia Zio reader, I'd appreciate you telling me how you made it work and helping me figure out what's weird with mine... I know I'm not alone on this. I actually bought another reader because i can't wait any longer....

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Updated drivers are out!
Authored by: robg on Feb 19, '02 11:21:24AM
ZiO has released 10.1.2 compatible drivers. On the driver download page, there's also this encouraging note:

"The drivers are attached to this solution for download. They will work with OS 10.1,10.1.1,10.1.2 and should also be compatible with future MAC OS X updates."

Sounds like they made some changes to insure that future OS updates don't break their code!


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Updated drivers are out!
Authored by: mmelder on Feb 20, '02 02:24:43AM

I've heard reports that 10.1.3 broke the new drivers released today. However, I upgraded to 10.1.3 without updating the old drivers and the old drivers suddenly work! If you got the new drivers and they don't work in 10.1.3 try the old drivers.


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Updated drivers are out!
Authored by: james_sorenson on Feb 20, '02 02:35:48AM

My dear friend, would you be so kind as to post those old drivers on an iDisk or something? I don't have the old drivers, but I would truly love to get them and test them out. I'm getting tired of having my hopes dashed after just a day of use out of my reader!


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Old drivers work!!!
Authored by: james_sorenson on Feb 20, '02 03:20:29AM

Okay, mmelder found the solution. First, you have to clean out the existing drivers. Go to /System/Library/Extensions in the terminal and clear out the two directories that start with eUSB:
sudo rm -r eUSB*

Next, grab the version 1.02 drivers here:

Install the drivers, reboot, and enjoy!

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