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Use 'touch' to organize pictures for iPhoto Apps
touch, a terminal command, is a useful utility for changing the create dates on files before importing to iPhoto. By changing the create/modified date, you can change the date information that will display in iPhoto and where it will put the photo once imported. Open a terminal and type:
  touch -t [[CC]YY]MMDDhhmm[.SS]] FILENAME
Used in conjunction with wildcards such as * or *.jpg for example this can make it easy to get photos imported with the proper dates.

This can be quite useful for changing the file dates on files that were burned to CD at a date much different than when they were shot. Fine tweaking of the time will impact the way the photos sort if you sort by date.

From my experience you can't simply move photos within iPhoto's structure. If you get them in with the wrong date you'll have to copy them out to another folder and then re-import them.
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great tip!
Authored by: mithras on Jan 08, '02 10:19:08PM

I was just futzing around trying to fix that very problem. Thanks!

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EXIF data overrides
Authored by: soob on Jan 09, '02 11:33:01AM

Just a heads up that the EXIF data stored in a file (if present) will override any creation/modification date associated with the file. iPhot will archive the photo according to this data.

If no EXIF Capture Date is present, iPhoto will use the file date


BTW - anybody know how to modify the EXIF Capture Date? I've got a few pictures where the camera date was set incorrectly and I'd like to fix this before importing.

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EXIF data overrides
Authored by: reinventedpei on Jan 09, '02 01:33:05PM

I had the same problem: EXIF data with the wrong date (my camera's date was off by a year) meaning that the data in iPhoto was equally wrong. Solution? Just open open the JPEG in a good text editor (I had the benefit of using UltraEdit on a Windows machine, which is just such a thing; I'm sure there are Mac equivlants) and modify the date by hand -- it's quite easy to pick out the dates, as they're right at the beginning of the file in plain text. Use caution, of course, as you don't want to otherwise adversely affect the JPEG. Worked like a dream for me. I never did find an EXIF editor -- plenty of EXIF extractors, but not editors.

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EXIF data overrides
Authored by: spdif on Jan 09, '02 03:58:13PM

Perhaps Graphic Converter can edit EXIF data? Worth a look as it can do almost anything else regarding graphic formats... I'm at work in front of a Windoze box, so I can't check it out at the moment.

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Manually arrange Photos
Authored by: raf on Jan 09, '02 05:43:05PM

"From my expierence you can't simply move photos within iPhoto's structure."

Yes, you can. In any album (including one that contains your whole library if you like) do:

Edit - Arrange Photos-> Manually.

You can then drag and drop to rearrange photos any way to like.

You can't do this in your Photo Library view, but, as I said, you can create an album that duplicates your whole Photo Library, so this is not really an issue.


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