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Launch system prefs with the keyboard System
Thanks to Johan K. for emailing this one to me.

If you have the Apple Pro keyboard, you can launch (or bring to the foreground) the System Preferences application by holding down the option (alt) key and hitting the mute key twice.

Strange but true -- it works!
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only on un-mute
Authored by: kaboom on Jan 07, '02 03:10:45AM

Actually, it seems like the System Prefs app launches when you "opt / un-mute", but of course, if your sound isn't already muted then you'd have to press mute twice.

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Actually any sound key
Authored by: SeanAhern on Jan 07, '02 07:28:41AM

Actually, this works with any of the three volume keys, up, down, or mute. But I think your observation stands - it launches when it "un-mutes".

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only on un-mute
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jan 07, '02 07:01:51PM

On my G4 466 it works on one press of the mute button (opt-mute), or either the volume up or volume down keys. Same thing, just a single press while holding option.

I believe this was meant to bring up the sound preferences... I remember using this shortcut on OS 9 on the G4 400 at work.

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not just mute
Authored by: bhines on Jan 07, '02 04:03:14AM

I noticed this a few months ago and considered submitting a tip, but decided not to :)

Anyway - up/dn volume also does the trick.

I think it is actually a bug.

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Authored by: Kool on Jan 07, '02 07:44:52AM

I was just poking around when I found this shortcut (I'm Johan K.) I also encountered a shortcut for adjusting the brightness (no, not the contrast from F14 and F15), but I couldn't reconstruct the stroke. It must be something similar to this one. Or a combination with keys in this neighbourhood.

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This also works on Pismo
Authored by: Diggory on Jan 07, '02 11:20:21AM

This also works on my pismo 500 mHz

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..also on a PBG4
Authored by: victory on Jan 10, '02 04:46:24PM

Under OSX, US keyboard.

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..and on an iBook
Authored by: Kool on Jan 11, '02 09:45:06AM

..and on a Dutch iBook it worked as well...

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Doesn´t work for me...
Authored by: msteiger on Jan 08, '02 04:00:28AM

...neither on "mute" nor on "unmute" - maybe, because I´m on a German system?

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In OS 9 it opens Sound Prefs
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Jan 08, '02 08:57:15PM

Sorry, I still use OS 9 for somethings. Anyway, I tried it while running OS 9.2.2 on my TiBook G4 with 768MB of RAM & a 30GB Hard Drive, and it launched the "Sound" Control Panel to the previously opened tab.


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