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Split and combine newsgroup files Apps
Loek Jehee has released a free AppleScript Studio project which enables the easy combining (or splitting) of files. Typically, you'll run into multiple-part files if you've downloaded a large binary file from a newsgroup. Using Split&Concat, you can easily recombine the parts into one complete file.

Loek's looking for beta testers to help him find any possible bugs and improve the product; if you're interested in helping, there's an email address on his web page.
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Information Gathering
Authored by: it.manager on Jan 04, '02 07:36:44AM

When downloading this 'application' the site appears to be gathering information about your system, no real problem but it would be nice if it told us it was doing this BEFORE it does!

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Information Gathering
Authored by: loekjehe on Jan 04, '02 09:08:52AM

Sorry, that is true. This is caused by the NedStat counter that I placed on the web page just to obtain statistics on how many people (and from which country, using which system etc.) have downloaded my program. Please be sure that I will not use in any way any information that I obtained through this counter and that this information will only be used for my private review and not made available to anyone else. In general I share your concerns about internet privacy.

Please let me know if your experiences with the program are positive. Thanks!


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50% useless app
Authored by: Chas on Jan 04, '02 07:52:37PM
There is no reason why anyone would need the concat half of this app. This is exactly the sort of function where the command line rules. For example, let's say you have a bunch of files like file.001 file.002 etc. Just go to the command line and input
cat file* > newfile
Note that you must pick a new file name, if you do something stupid like
cat file* > file
then you get stuck in a recursive loop, the file will append itself to itself and grow until all disk space is exhausted, then cat will die.
I am sure there is an equally efficient method for splitting files via the command line, but I never looked for it, I have never done this sort of task.
And BTW, for all you people that don't like secret web-tracking (which AFAIK is illegal in England and some other European countries) you can download the file using Anonymizer at this URL:

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Split _large_ files ?
Authored by: AndreasG on Jan 06, '02 08:07:21AM

Does anybody know a handy tool to split really large files (>2GB)? Until now I didn't find a program that does this job on the Mac. Even DropSegment won't do...
I would really appreciate help, thanks!


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Bugs fixed. File sizes over 2 Gig now supported
Authored by: loekjehe on Jan 08, '02 07:12:05PM

There have been 800 people that downloaded this utility within 4 days, so it seems that there are people who don't think it is useless :-) I fixed several bugs and now the program is in version 1.0b4. Also, very large file sizes are now supported and there is better error checking.

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Bugs fixed. File sizes over 2 Gig now supported
Authored by: AndreasG on Jan 09, '02 12:40:57PM

The utility now works fine for me and it is AFAIK the only tool for Mac OS X to split large files over 2 GB. Very fine little proggy which is built for only _one_ job and does it well...
I'm happy now :)

Cheers, Andreas

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