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How to force an update to QuickTime System
I created a one-second movie using the QuickTime 'DVCPRO-PAL' Apple codec. If you attempt to play it with QT Player 5.0.2, you should get the standard, "QuickTime does not have the necessary software . . . " message. Then QT Updater should launch and download the new 'QuickTime JPEG Update' and 'QuickTime DV Update' extensions.

This should work for both Classic and OS X. Just play the movie with each version of QuickTime Player. In Classic, these will appear as extensions in the System Folder -> Extensions -> QuickTime Extensions folder.

This seems to be the only change in QT 5.0.4. These are the same components included on the new FinalCut Pro 3.0 installer CD.

[Editor's note: It appears this movie has been pulled from the referenced webpage. I'm leaving the article here as some of the discussion below contains useful information.]
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QT Pro X 5.04?
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 04, '02 04:34:25AM

I think I'm lost. I have QT Pro X v. 5.02. When I use software update it doesn't find a thing. When I play the sample movie,, nothing happens. No QT X 5.04 Player in sight.

With Player X Pro 5.02 open, however, Preferences/Quicktime Preferences launches the special 5 tab pref window for QuickTime software update. Under Update/Install 3rd Party Updates/Custom there is a "QuickTime Update" listed as "Not Installed." Selecting it and clicking on "Update Now" merely closes the window. (??)

I crashed all open X apps the first time I clicked on "Update Now" but relaunched all with no apparent problems.

Does the article apply solely to the non-pro QT 5? No QT Pro 5.04?

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Authored by: bhines on Jan 04, '02 07:53:30AM

You should put files in your "Sites" folder so you can link to them directly, instead of having to DL and unstuff via filesharing.

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: xchanyazy on Jan 04, '02 12:47:39PM

I have QT Pro 5.0.2 also. The movie runs just fine, no dialogs asking for upgrades or anything. When I manually search for software updates, either from the QT menu or the system pref pane, the QT updater launches, checks for updates, and then launches the Software Update. However, Software Update just opens up and does nothing, no windows opening, no dialog boxes. If I try to run Software Update from the System Prefs well it is up, I get an error messge saying "Your Software Updates cannot be shown because one or more of the updates contains incorrect information". It then quits software update, and tells me to click update now, which finds no new updates. Happens every single time. Anyone have this problem?

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: xchanyazy on Jan 04, '02 01:13:56PM

A quick note.. I tried taking out all of the components from my /Library/QuickTime/ folder. I logged out, logged back in, and now the software update just says that no update is needed.

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 05, '02 12:34:37AM

Try viewing Tech TV with QT. It won't work. If you click on enough things you may did lucky and discover you need an update. Good luck in accessing it from the worthless display on Tech TV.

Guess that means I watch the keynote from QT site, not Tech TV........

(by the way, the installer for OS 9 is 5.0.5)

And check Software Update anyway. There is a host of new printer drivers available or just go to apple/macosx/downloads and save a little hard drive space (under "Drivers")

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 13, '02 11:08:24AM

Actually I eventually discovered, as elsewhere posted, that my "5.02" via "show info" is QT Pro 5.05 from the QT Player/Preferences/Update Quicktime tab/About QT button.

Stranger than fiction.

Still can't get TechTV to function. Won't stream at all. Appears to be a problem related to firewall config, however, which I'm having trouble writing a rule for.

Other sites seem to stream QT with no problem. Not Tech TV. (???) Also had trouble downloading either of the two QT movies about Ginger (the Sedgway) recently, but am not convinced this may not be platform problem or also some firewall problem.

I can view both Ginger movies (broadband option) with no difficulty but clicking on the "download file button" (not a regular QT display) does nothing. First page for this link is:

Anyone else downloaded this?

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 04, '02 10:46:41PM

I'm not counting on Apple posting this under Software Updates.

I tried something else with no luck. /System/Library/Quick Time gives me the QuickTime Updater which I double click to get the same window (that QT updater accesses via QT Player Pro) and once again I note there's an update that's not installed.

So I select the box and click on "update" and the updater quits. :rolleyes:

Wonder if I should try to obtain by running QT Pro OS 9.....? I downloaded the installer but couldn't figure out what version it was and wasn't interested in losing what Pro codecs I already had........

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: Vadim on Jan 05, '02 10:27:43AM

Same situation here. However I noticed that if you go to the quicktime settings in the System Preferences and hit About Quicktime it says 5.0.5 for me. Even though "About Quicktime" menu says 5.0.2; Perhaps the about box is just not updated and we really have 5.0.5 and just don't know it?

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: 128K Mac on Jan 05, '02 01:19:16PM

That's a bit different. Same here. (?!)

So why won't the tech tv channel play I wonder?? It's the one I can sometimes get to display a "need" for an upgrade of QT Pro X 5.0.5 (now).

(could be the PC types that try to run the site)

Where did the idea of a "problem" in upgrading to 5.0.5 come from in first place?

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QT Pro 5.0.2
Authored by: xchanyazy on Jan 05, '02 10:46:57PM

Hmmm... same here also. So, I guess the problem is just with the QT update, not with QT itself. That's good, at least.

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Update not possible
Authored by: adyblain on Jan 04, '02 09:40:29PM

Your DVC-Pal movie plays fine under 5.0.2! No Update software was downloaded. The QuicKTime Update panel has been useless ever since OS X came out. And strangely enough, I got my hands on the .pkg updater that comes Final Cut 3, and when I run it, an error message pops up saying it can't install the update. Hopefully, Apple will just post it as part of a software update sometime.

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Upgrading to 5.0.5
Authored by: mlynn on Jan 10, '02 04:39:42AM

I *think* the way my system upgraded to 5.0.5 involved me going into 'QuickTime' under the Systems Prefs and choosing the option 'Install new 3rd-party QuickTime software'.

It pops up a window saying that all the software is up to date, but you can click on the 'Custom' button on the lower left and are provided with a menu consisting of ''QuickTime Update', 'On2 Support' and one or two instances (seems to be a bug/random) of 'ZyGoVideo Support'. I think the first time I did this I had a few other options as well, including something mentioning DV, not sure.

Anyhow, I just selected them all (never can have enough features :)) and updated. Some things downloaded, others seemed to download 0 kbytes/nothing, but things installed and now I'm up to version 5.0.5.

Someone care to try this out ? I think the 'QuickTime Update' check box forces an update to the most recent version.

PS: As to the error msg when you try to do the standard 'update' that sub-launches the Software Update and tells you about something incorrectly installed, I noticed two ways to make it go away (only 1 is permanent, neither useful): 1. Click on the menubar as it's checking for updates ... it'll complete as it should and tell you if there are any like you would expect it to. Unfortunately, you have to do this every time. 2. Don't install something using Software Update. Right now I haven't downloaded those 200 megs of printer drivers and it tells me about my 5 inactive updates instead of an error. Seems like a bug in how Software Update is being launched. Software Update needs to be updated :) Again :)

- Mike

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QuickTime 5.0.4 info...
Authored by: wtbates on Feb 12, '02 12:33:44AM
First, I tried what Mike said to do and I was able to download the 3rd party add-ons, but my version of Quicktime still says 5.0.2.

Here is some good information on Quicktime 5.0.4:

The version of QuickTime on the Final Cut Pro 3 CD is exactly the same as the public QuickTime 5.0.2 version except that it has two new codecs. The difference between QuickTime 5.0.2 and QuickTime 5.0.4 are two extra codecs. What is very confusing is that after installing, when you look at QuickTime version in the QuickTime Control Panel, it will still report as being QuickTime 5.0.2. But as long as you follow these steps from the QuickTime installer on the Final Cut Pro 3 CD you will have the extensions you need.

* Run the QuickTime installer, select Custom install.
* In the next panel, select all the options, there's a convenient Select All at the top.
* Continue to the rest of the Install.

If you don't do Custom and the Select All, you will get "missing QuickTime Component" and "missing codec" errors. Custom installs more than the Full or Multimedia Authoring options in the first panel. Go figure.

It is almost always okay to go to a newer version of QuickTime as QuickTime retains 100% backward compatibility to version 1. So if a newer update is offered by the QuickTime Control Panel Updater, download it if you want.

This is from a website called 2-pop. If you have not seen it, it is the ultimate reference for Final Cut Pro (as well as other DV & QT related info).

Here is a link to the article that I got this info from:,7220,32319|1,00.html



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