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Macworld Expo hype and meet-and-greet Site News
Although this isn't strictly OS X related, I think it's of interest to all Mac users ... have you noticed the hype on Apple's home page for the upcoming Macworld Expo? Here's the list of taglines from the past week:
  • Monday: "This one is big. Even by our standards."
  • Tuesday: "Count the days. Count the minutes. Count on being blown away"
  • Wednesday: "Beyond the rumor sites. Way beyond."
  • Thursday: "It's like a backstage pass to the future."
  • Friday: "To boldly go where no PC has gone before."
  • Saturday: "Full speed ahead. Lust Factor Ten."
  • Sunday: "Just one more sleepless night."
As the week goes on, they continue to get more and more interesting ...

Also, based on a number of email requests, I'll be holding a very informal "meet and greet" at the Expo next week. On Tuesday the 8th, from 1:30pm until about 2:30pm, I'll be hanging out in the Snack Bar at the end of aisle 1700 (near Canto's booth) in the South Hall (the one where Apple's large display is located). Read the rest of the article for more information if you'd like to stop by and say "Hi!".
PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME!! I have moved the schedule back to accomodate the newly-announced "Power of X" feature taking place from 12pm - 1pm with Avie Tevanian...

If, for some reason, this snack bar does not exist as shown on the show map, I'll still be in that general area (the end of aisle 1700), which should be open space if it's not a snack bar. As you look at this map, this area is at the top of the map, in line with the large Apple booth in the middle of the picture. Zoom in and scroll to see the area in more detail.

So if you'll be at the show on Tuesday and want to say "Hi", please stop by. I'll be the guy with the iBook :-). Actually, to make it somewhat easier to find me, I'll be wearing a blue Polo-style golf shirt with "OPB" (Oregon Public Broadcasting) lettering on it. I figure the odds of anyone else showing up in a similar shirt are quite low!

I'm looking forward to whatever it is that Apple is announcing on Monday. It should be an interesting show!
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Market yourself better
Authored by: outofcontrol on Jan 02, '02 02:15:10PM
Hey Rob,

A Polo Shirt! Come on you can do better. Run out and get some Iron On inkjet paper and put your new inkjet printer to good use. Then create some stunning MacOSXHints T-Shirts to wear at the show. Then we can recognize you anywhere!


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What's marketing? ;-)
Authored by: robg on Jan 02, '02 03:34:19PM

I thought about doing some sort of shirt, but then I looked at the marketing budget ($0) and quickly ruled it out :-).

It's actually a good idea, but I think I prefer some degree of anonymity on the show floor ... other than the big "macosxhints" nametag, of course!


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I'll be there
Authored by: rebug on Jan 02, '02 05:22:05PM

Grungey lookin dude, frantically trying to figure out how to work whatever apple announces into my budget. Oh, wait, that's everybody.


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"It's like a backstage pass to the future"
Authored by: madmizzen on Jan 03, '02 03:32:45AM

Ok this is now officially out of control.

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Who wants to wait
Authored by: Accura on Jan 03, '02 07:30:17AM

Ok look. go to have a look at the iWalk. PDA thats apple is comming out with.
If its a fake they did it very very well, they have a vid and a pics.
doesn't look too bad.

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Fake or real? ;-)
Authored by: robg on Jan 03, '02 12:47:06PM
This thread in the MacNN Forums Lounge has a great debate on whether this is a real product or some sort of fakery. Personally, I don't care one way or the other, but it's fun to watch the debate! -rob.

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the big surprize
Authored by: c15zyx on Jan 03, '02 10:07:23PM

unless the big surprize is a 1.6GHz G5 (which should already be well-developed) with the GeForce3 bundled with a free finished copy of Halo it wouldn't be that great.

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Where no PC has gone before...
Authored by: hacmac on Jan 04, '02 05:53:04AM

Fits all of the slogans, however sceptical you look at it.

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Bingo! Possibly.
Authored by: sjonke on Jan 04, '02 10:05:30AM

Hey - you may have it here. That really does fit the slogans to a T.

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Bingo! Possibly.
Authored by: baas on Jan 05, '02 09:32:28AM

Especially the "To go where no PC has gone before..."

But why make such a big fuss about something that's already on your web site? ;)

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oh, boy....
Authored by: imacusr on Jan 07, '02 12:38:45AM

if you still want to be surprised, do *not* go to either ore You have been warned.

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Expo spoiler
Authored by: spinner on Jan 07, '02 02:29:01AM has pics and an article about one of the announcements (reported by MacOS Rumors). The date on the article is Jan 14 2002, so perhaps it's a hack leaking next week's issue?


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Macworld Keynote
Authored by: OfDan on Jan 08, '02 09:47:13AM

Does anyone know if I can download the keynote from anywhere rather than watching the stream?

Want to play it in places without Net Connection..


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