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Use Preview to convert image files Apps
I spent a few hours building a number of packages, including netpbm, in an effort to convert Grab's output to JPEG for my website.

Turns out the answer was right under my nose all the time. Open the Grab screenshot up in the Preview app, and select File -> Export. Preview can export in 10 different graphic formats, including JPEG, Photoshop, and even Windows' BMP.

Still, it's nice to have those pbm utilities (BTW - they *don't* do the conversion correctly.)

[Editor's note: Note that you can also change the default format of screenshots (but not Grab screen captures) as explained previously.]
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Use ImageMagick
Authored by: nullprogram on Jan 01, '02 11:10:22AM
ImageMagick is a free CLI image manipulator. It can convert from many formats to many formats. The program is easy to use. Everything is done using the convert command. convert 'Picture 1.tiff' first.jpg Convert can also resize, add text, blur, crop colorize, etc. It is perfect for batch processing. After installing ImageMagick, type man convert in the terminal for a full description.

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your link 'as explained previously' is dead
Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 06, '02 03:56:02PM

I'd like to see how to change the default file format for screenshots, which you say [above] has been explained previously .... but your link to this explanation is dead. So, how IS it done?



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Use ImageMagick
Authored by: robleach on Nov 11, '03 07:46:09PM
I tried ImageMagick specifically because I wanted to add PICT format abilities to my website, however ImageMagick 'crops' all my picts so that I can only see the top left corner of the image. I tested it like this:
[dantooine:~/Pictures/Originals] robleach% perl -e 'use Image::Magick;$i=Image::Magick->new();$i->Read("./weis_perrin_dragonlance_brothers_in_arms.pict");$i->Describe();$i->Write("filename"=>"ztmp5.jpg");'
Image: ./weis_perrin_dragonlance_brothers_in_arms.pict
  Format: PICT (Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT)
  Geometry: 299x494
  Class: DirectClass
  Type: true color
  Depth: 8 bits-per-pixel component
  Colors: 120718
  Profile-iptc: 20 bytes
  Resolution: 72x72 pixels
  Filesize: 3.3mb
  Interlace: None
  Background Color: grey100
  Border Color: #DFDFDFDFDFDF
  Matte Color: grey74
  Dispose: Undefined
  Iterations: 0
  signature: 643d8be504390696f224b2c812f7161ecd8b5a09b730416e2db6d5b8a3a77610
  Tainted: False
  User Time: 0.820u
  Elapsed Time: 0:02
Note that the image is actually 831x1372. When I look at the output image, it's only the top-left corner of the original image. Is there a work-around that will correct this errant behavior?? Thanks, Rob

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Can you be more specific?
Authored by: SeanAhern on Jan 01, '02 12:07:48PM

You say that they don't do the conversion correctly. Can you be more specific about what they fail to do?

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