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Printing with OSX and Phaser 840 System
Long story - Printing with Tektronix (Xerox) 840 color printer. Areas of the page that should be white (clear) were coming out pale yellow. Besides being annoying, it was using a tremendous amount of ink.

After multiple calls to Apple (results were "Duh?") I managed to get to a very intelligent and helpful Xerox technician. He used Macs, and to make a long story short - remembered this problem from NeXt days - seems that Apple just used the old NeXt print code. This code messed with the printer "white point".

At any rate - Xerox created and sent me a new rom for the printer overnight that fixed the problem. If any of you have this problem, just let Xerox know and they'll take prompt care of it.

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Printing with OSX and Phaser 840 | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Add on info - more than meets the eye!
Authored by: als2663 on Feb 23, '02 08:25:39PM

The Xerox fix took care of the "yellow background" problem, and everything else printed is fine. As it was explained to me (and this may be faulty, but it makes sense) the apple software is "hitting" the "white point" of the printer, making it think that everything that should be "clear" (or white) is really this pale yellow. All the fix does (as I understand it) is to ignore the white point hit from the software.

I don't know what this does if you tell the printer that you are printing on another color paper (as you can do in some programs). It may mess that up, however I never change my paper color in anything that I print.

There is an additional problem with printing from OSX (with my printer at least). I get a color shift. Reds appear orangey (is that a word?), Yellows appear shifted to green (olive), and blues shift toward red (violet). This is only true when printing from OSX directly (preview, filemaker, etc.), but does not happen when printing from software that has its own printer drivers (Canvas 8)

There is an open case at Apple and Filemaker on this -

Apple case # is 10031360
Filemaker Case # is 2299970

They are supposedly working to figure this out. Noticed it when printing a file from filemaker - same file - in 9.2.2 - prints fine, in OSX colors are shifted.

I suspect that it is an apple issue, but thought Filemaker would kick Apple in the right places.

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Xerox Phaser Printers
Authored by: awurst on Feb 25, '02 04:31:12AM

This is very interesting information about the Xerox (AKA Tektronix) printers. We have a Phaser 850 and when I print pictures to it I have the very same color shift you are talking about. Whites are yellow and reds are orange. It has been driving me crazy but will have to give Xerox a call! Thanks for the info and I will let you know what happens!


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