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IE 5.1 'download link to disk' shortcut Apps
If you hold down the option key while clicking on a link, IE will download that link directly to your disk instead of opening it in a new page. So instead of control clicking and then selecting 'download link to disk' you can save a little time by just option clicking. This is also great for saving links you might want to read later on without having to go to the page and then save it as html, etc.

Hope this might be as helpful to others out there as it has been for me since I've stumbled upon it.
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IE 5.1 'download link to disk' shortcut | 9 comments | Create New Account
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handy link
Authored by: Hes Nikke on Dec 29, '01 10:46:32AM
the IE shortcuts help file might come in handy :D (i didn't see anything about the above shortcut though) good luck

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Authored by: SeanAhern on Dec 29, '01 10:54:30AM

You can also drag links directly to the Download window.

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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Dec 30, '01 02:47:25AM

or you can drag your link directly to any finder window and download dirctly there :D

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Click and Hold
Authored by: joelr on Dec 29, '01 07:26:32PM

To access the contextual menus in IE 5 you can also click and hold a link. After a few seconds while still holding the mouse button down, moving your pointer off the link will display the contextual menu that you would have gotten by control clicking. Just a little time saver.

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This stuff is nothing new
Authored by: Mikey-San on Dec 30, '01 04:16:55PM

Here's what I'd like to know:

When did IE first get these tricks? I remember doing this stuff in iCab a looooong time ago, for example (option-click for downloading, command-clicking for opening links in new windows, shift-command-clicking for opening a new window behind the current window, etc).

More importantly--and this is a complaint I have with just about every major software developer out there--if these really nice key commands exist, why not come right out and say it? Why bury them in help files, or not discuss them at all?


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This stuff is nothing new
Authored by: bhines on Dec 30, '01 08:25:39PM

IE has had these tricks since before iCab existed. I'd wager they were in the first mac IE version.

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Extention of this tipc?
Authored by: boboeltoto on Dec 30, '01 06:47:38PM

I was whising that the following would work but It won't. If anyone can figured out how to work it out...Thanks

When in colum mode, when selecting a Quicktime movie, you can watch it directly in the window. This work when browsing a local drive or folder.
But when browsing a remote folder instead of the movie only the icon apears.

It's would be great for me to have this feature without open the movie in QT player. If someone can help.


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Authored by: boboeltoto on Dec 30, '01 08:49:35PM

Sorry for the last post. I posted it in the wrong article.

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multi-button mouse
Authored by: akopps on Dec 31, '01 05:23:05AM

Alternatively, if you have a desktop, get a real mouse so you can perform this simple task the way it was intended: without having to type anything with the other hand.

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