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Disable the volume changing beep sound System
ResExcellence has posted an interesting article that explains how to disable the beep you hear if you use the keyboard volume up and down keys.

Head on over to ResExcellence and read the full details on how to make this modification.

[Editor's note: It appears this may only work on pre-10.1.2 machines, based on the comments. If anyone figures it out in 10.1.2, please post the workaround!]
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Disable the volume changing beep sound | 7 comments | Create New Account
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didn't work
Authored by: tomodachi on Dec 22, '01 02:17:25AM

Pity. The string was nowhere to be found. Perhaps Bezelwhatchamacallit has been slightly changed in OSX10.1.2

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didn't work
Authored by: oem on Dec 22, '01 09:05:03AM

exactly the same : (

running 10.1.2

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already gone?
Authored by: DuoMaxwell on Dec 22, '01 11:47:19AM

Odd... I was going to apply this to my new iBook, but when I stopped to check, there already was no more beep when changing volume with the keys. The beep is still there on my dual 533, though. Both have 10.1.2.

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Updated hack
Authored by: bhines on Dec 22, '01 07:26:04PM

Here is the updated hack for 10.1.2. It changes a different branch but it works just as well.

At offset 000224C,


41 82 00 74
60 00 00 00

In HexEdit this will appear at the end of the line 0002250:

What you are doing is changing the beq (branch if equal) in beepRequest:

0000224c beq- 0x22c0
To a noop (no operation)
0000224c nop

The "beq" is branching to 22c0 if the previous operation was equal. In the hex, 41 82 is the branch and 00 74 is how far you are going forward. You could change the number or routine to branch to any call in the system.

You can take a look at the dissasembly yourself using otool:

otool -tv BezelServices

The offsets in otool match those in hexedit, so match them up and patch away. This looked like a good branch to edit out because right after it there is a branch to near the end of the function.


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Updated hack
Authored by: bhines on Dec 22, '01 07:28:47PM

Woops, the offset is at the end of the line 0002240:, not 2250.

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Updated hack
Authored by: el bid on Dec 23, '01 03:47:52AM

I'm grateful, of course, to Ammon Skidmore for the original posting on ResExcellence. But I really think that kind of "shut your eyes and swallow this" prescription isn't in general very useful. And, as we've seen, it breaks easily.

So many thanks to bhines, who's taken this a step beyond a dumb poke and paid MacOSXHints readers the compliment of assuming rather more intelligence and curiosity about what's going on. And turned a stab in the dark into a real hack.

el bid

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Updated hack
Authored by: usermilk on Dec 23, '01 12:01:02AM

Worked perfectly!

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